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    CA - San Jose girl 13, fights off sexual predator in her home *Arrest*

    I couldn't find this posted anywhere on WS. Every time I look at this I think the guy looks strange, especially his nose. Maybe that's an artifact of the home video, but it also looks like...
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    Identified! CA - Morgan Hill, Male body found in field, May'15 - George Provost The age of the deceased man could not immediately be determined, but the body “appeared to have been there for some time,” Ramos said. A landscaping crew found a decomposing body at Monterey and Cochrane roads in...
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    GUILTY CA - Forrest Hayes, 51, dies of heroin OD on yacht, Santa Cruz, 23 Nov 2013

    Forrest Timothy Hayes was found dead on November 23, 2013, but they just now arrested woman. Didn't find where this had been posted. Evidently, the yacht had cameras on it and after a court order, they got the videos. Seems she purposefully injected him with an overdose.... ugh, feel really...
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    Dubai - UAE imprisons Norwegian woman for reporting she was raped

    I am so upset by this story
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    GUILTY CA - Walter Williams for sex abuse, child *advertiser censored*, Palm Springs, 2013 Quoted from from article: Man hunted by FBI for alleged child sex abuse arrested in Mexico Mexican authorities have arrested a former college professor who was on the FBI's 10 most wanted list over allegations...
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    Google to Pit Technology Against Child Pornographers

    I hope this is very successful...
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    GUILTY TX - Dr. Ana Maria Gonzalez-Angulo for attempted murder, Houston, 2013

    I didn't see this posted yet. She to be arraigned on July 10.
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    GUILTY CA - Cedric Holland for attempted kidnapping of 7yo girl, Sacramento, 2013

    Girl escapes kidnapper's car trunk in Sacramento I didn't see a thread for this
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    NonProfits For Max On June 7, 2012 – the day his soccer-loving son Max would have turned 7 years old – Jonah Shacknai launched MaxInMotion, a nonprofit foundation conceived to give financially-disadvantaged Valley...
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    Max's Death - Dina's Independent Experts Summary Reports

    Dina Shacknai has release a Summary of Reports (14 pages) purportedly synthesized from two independent experts evaluation and opinion on Max Shacknai's manner and cause of death. Those reports were written by Dr. Robert Bove, an injury biomechanics, and Dr. Judith Melinek, a pathologist. I...
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    Shacknai Still Owns Spreckels Mansion March 7, 2012 No wonder I couldn't find any county property records saying it was sold, it wasn't! Raises some interesting questions concerning AB and investigators trying to get access and that Jan1 deadline?
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    EDC Sheriff's office released four disturbing videos Findings: Jaycee Dugard Case 8.2.11 Attachment 12 number 1 is a video that will require Windows Media Player in order to view. Attachments 12 numbers 2, 3 and 4 are videos and will require...
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    Tammi Smith -The Charges

    "The Smith's" - there valuable information in that thread especially as related to this thread. "The Smiths" Probably good info on some other threads also, like the Arrest and Release threads Arrest Document (Or Charging Document) Below So here we can document the current charges against...