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    Letters to Casey from Cindy and George

    I just read the letters--I had a few thoughts that I thought I'd post. Apologies if this doesn't add anything to the conversation; others have already mentioned much of this... -Did KC call George "Papa Joe?" This struck me: "Please Casey, let Papa Joe/Dad come to visit." (Pg 202) It must...
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    Poll - Was Cindy source for Chloroform?

    That seems like a lot of work, though, when she could just give her benadryl. I 100% believe that Casey would knock out Caylee with antihistimines or even Xanax, but I think it's very unlikely she used chloroform routinely. If she used chloroform, it was one time, and intended for killing, not...
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    2008.07.03 CA's Myspace-...doesn't make sense REVISITED

    Great thread--thanks so much to all of you insightful WSers! I find the snip above very interesting. Cindy is trying (with a blizzard of words) to hide the fact that she had a history of calling around for KC when KC didn't come home at night--she claims that this line in her screed is...
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    "I already gave you a month!"

    I think Cindy knew by the end of the week of June 15 that Caylee must no longer be with KC. Cindy knew that KC was incapable of/unwilling to care for Caylee for more than a day or two. IIRC, KC kept Caylee away from home for a few days in May (when she was with Ricardo), and Cindy tracked her...
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    UT -Susan Powell, 28, West Valley City, 6 Dec 2009 - #2

    Chiming in here--greetings, you amazing sleuthers! The only thing that seems a little "off" to me about JP drugging Susan: wouldn't it be risky to do so with her friend in the house? What if she started foaming at the mouth or otherwise having an obviously negative reaction in front of the...
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    Theories On What Happened to Caylee Part #6 (New Smoking Gun Theories for DP)

    Thank you very much -- that helps clear up some of my confusion!
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    Theories On What Happened to Caylee Part #6 (New Smoking Gun Theories for DP)

    But if the medical examiner isn't convinced that the duct tape was placed pre-death, what medical evidence did she use to determine that this was a homicide? I'm starting to think that we can use the homicide ruling to infer that the ME believes the tape was placed pre-death -- without the...
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    Theories On What Happened to Caylee Part #6 (New Smoking Gun Theories for DP)

    That has me wondering, too. The medical examiner specifically ruled it a homicide (rather than a potential accident) -- which means that the "silver bullet" evidence of homicide (and as a result, the DP) should be related to what was found in the autopsy, right? ???
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    2009.06.16 George and Cindy on CBS Early show

    It's just typical Anthonys, IMO. I used to be more sympathetic to them, but I've finally seen the light. My opinion: the truth doesn't matter to them; Caylee's personal experience isn't (and wasn't) top priority. She was missing from THEIR perspective, so that's all that counts. This...
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    KC's last night with RM - Where did she bring Caylee? *REVISIT*

    Thanks! I did see that -- I also noticed that on the same site, in KC's class there was a Zenaida "F" (same name as the "F" in the IMO fictitious ZFG). :rolleyes: Ugh - I just saw the follow-up on this thread -- I apologize if I started another rumor!
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    KC's last night with RM - Where did she bring Caylee? *REVISIT*

    According to this site -- -- JPC apparently graduated from Colonial High in 2003, along with Annie D. and a Zenaida Gonzalez. I'm guessing they knew each other from HS, but who knows. Back OT, I think Cindy lied when she said she didn't...
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    Poll:Why Do You Think Cindy Is Protecting Casey???

    I think guilt is a factor, but mostly I think it's about control. IMO Cindy believes that she alone is in charge of punishing KC -- it's not anyone else's business.
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    Scott Peterson vs. KC - Which case had/has more evidence?*POLL ADDED*

    I think there is a ton more evidence tying KC to Caylee's remains than there was evidence linking Scott to Lacy and Connor's remains. However, based on what has been released, I do think the evidence supporting premeditation was stronger in the Peterson case. His claim to Amber Frey that...
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    2009.03.10 - Hand Written Note From Tot Mom in Response to Pros. Motion

    Oh, I see -- so based on her note, the prosecution could call her to the stand, but she could invoke her fifth amendment rights to avoid answering their questions. Thanks! Now, whether she's able to get on the stand and avoid flapping her gums...that's another question. It's like that Ron...
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    2009.03.10 - Hand Written Note From Tot Mom in Response to Pros. Motion

    My apologies for being obtuse -- does this mean that if/when this case goes to trial, KC will have to take the stand?
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    Knowing what she knows now, do you think CA would still have called LE?

    I think this is exactly right. I don't think Cindy would have called 911. She would have kept KC in that house and thrown Caylee's disappearance in KC's face anytime she got out of line. In return, KC would have found other destructive ways to punish her mother. I.e., they would have...
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    What do you think Casey's life would be like if she is found not guilty?

    Just like OJ, she would end up in jail again for something else -- probably stealing/fraud.
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    WESH: Duct Tape Info in the Document Release

    I think it's interesting that Kathi Belich's angle seems to be on what was found at the Anthony house: --- WFTV reporter Kathi Belich has learned the documents are likely to be about the evidence investigators collected at the Anthony house after Caylee's remains were found. How was Caylee...
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    WESH: Duct Tape Info in the Document Release

    The original WESH article seemed to imply that the incriminating evidence was related to the duct tape: According to a source close to the investigation, test results from the FBI crime lab on the duct tape found on slain toddler Caylee Anthony's skull are in that new batch of evidence...
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    WESH: Duct Tape Info in the Document Release

    "Absolutely" Slytherin! Heh. ETA: oh, forget it...I'm off-topic AND I was thinking of the Sorting Hat.