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    2010.06.21 - Bone found in river not Haleigh's

    Bones Found In St John's Search Not Haleigh's
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    Shoemaker Says Its Time To Make Funeral Arrangements
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    2010.04.06 - Misty's pretrial hearing

    Misty's pre trial hearing is today!
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    Where was Haleigh sleeping?

    Is it OK to ask for a reposting of a link? Yesterday on one of the threads there was an early press report posted from Sheriff Hardy where he told of Misty sleeping in the same bed with Haleigh. I tried asking thru pm's to relocate it to no avail. Does anyone still have it?
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    2009.02.28 Geraldo at Large

    Heads up! Geraldo will be interviewing Junior and his mother Crystal tonight. Craig, Geraldo's brother spent the day with them. Geraldo was just on Fox News with a preview. I wasn't sure where to post this, so feel free to move it where you deem it should b.