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    Nevada - Coronavirus COVID-19

    Cases over 1000. Deaths 18. Number of Nevada COVID-19 cases tops 1,000 as death toll hits 18
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    MN - Four dead in triple murder-suicide, including children, Minneapolis, 1 Dec 2019

    Ongoing. SWAT team present. DEVELOPING: Two boys confirmed dead in shooting; SWAT team surrounding house
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    Woman Convicted in 2008 is back!

    Woman convicted in 2008 crash that killed 4 students arrested again in Minnesota She killed 4 children, served 8 yrs, was deported, AND IS BACK! Shows how easy it must be to re-enter.
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    4 Parent Adoption

    4-parent adoption a first in Minnesota
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    Photographer Celebrated Children with Downs Syndrome

    Oh, my, goodness. This made my day! U.K. Photographer Celebrates Children With Down Syndrome In Magical Disney Photo Shoots.
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    A Wonderful Memorial Day Story.

    Shot down over France May 29, 1943, Ted Peterson kept the rose and Handkerchief given to him by a 2 yr old boy. Reunion in 1976. Shot Down Over France
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    A Great Feel Good 97 Yr Old Story

    Mark Sertich, Duluth, MN is still playing hockey. Such a feel good story. Enjoy! Duluth's 97-year-old hockey legend Mark Sertich keeps on skating
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    Wedding Ring Found 9 yrs. Later

    A "flushed" wedding ring was found 9 yrs later. Sounds like the marriage is still going, since it's owner is now wearing it. Wedding ring flushed down toilet found 9 years later in N.J. town
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    OH - Marquise Byrd, 22, killed by sandbag thrown from overpass, Toledo, 19 Dec 2017

    A 22 yr old car passenger has died. Three 14 yr olds and a 13 yr old have been arrested. And, where were the parents?
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    Nice Bus Driver Takes Kids to DQ This is Minnesota nice. It's East Grand Forks, low crime. Unreal reaction. The complainer actually took this to the school board. She moved to the area two years ago for her...
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    Attempted Abduction Burnsville, MN So, there's still a perp running around. River Hills is a very family oriented development - lots of kids. Will he be back?
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    From Illegally Held Choir Boy to Dentist

    Remarkable journey...
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    FL: unannounced armed drill by police at middle school Just one question. Have the police lost their minds?
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    14 yr old hockey player collapses and dies in game

    This is big news in MN. On Friday a 14 yr old Bantam AA player collapsed and died minutes into an ice hockey tournament game. There was no contact. He simply collapsed on the ice. I wonder if the boy had an aneurysm, a weakening/eventual tearing of an artery. Assuming there was no prior...
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    Joshua and the Wolf

    Nine year old boy and stuffed wolf undergo surgery together.
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    Wrestler "Minnesota nice"

    Minnesota h.s. wrestler gives match to winless Down's Syndrome opponent.
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    A Prom to Remember

    Two Minnesota high school girls ask special education students to the prom - guaranteed to bring tears of happiness to your eyes.
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    Terminally Ill Man and Daughter Win Marathon Thirty-two year old runner pushes daughter in stroller to win 26.2 marathon.
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    Downs Syndrome Man Runs Restaurant

    What a wonderful story!
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    Best Photos of 2012 Wonderful, good-feeling photos of the Sept 5 event.