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  1. Elder Price

    State Motion to recover Investigative Costs

    And some of us can get some small comfort that she is having a needle stuck in her arm, just for the wrong purpose.
  2. Elder Price

    Dr Phil w/ George and Cindy Anthony (Show airs 9.13.2011)

    Print them out and send them in to Caylee's Fund... bloodstaining is optional.
  3. Elder Price

    Dr Phil w/ George and Cindy Anthony (Show airs 9.13.2011)

    How about blood stained (fake blood) Monopoly money? Or better yet- how about some custom fake bills with blood stains and FCA's mug shot on them?
  4. Elder Price

    Where is Casey? (All things related to FCA's location) #2

    I doubt they would invest in a clone, knowing FCA would likely kill it. Money down the drain.
  5. Elder Price

    Will the Anthonys Now Believe that Casey Did It?

    I don't think anyone is interested in what the Anthonys have to say. The only thing the public might possibly eat up is a tell-all where they throw Casey under the bus, just like she did George, and let the whole world know what it was REALLY like living with her and what a monster she is...
  6. Elder Price

    Who will make the most money? Includes various book discussion

    How about a WWE steel cage match with Nancy Grace? People would like that... there is a funny story about it at (Yes, that is a real domain, for a non-commercial website by someone who apparently does not care for ICA.)
  7. Elder Price

    Casey to be given new name & moved to secret location. Where is Casey?

    I think she is a curiosity at best. Important... no.
  8. Elder Price

    Casey to be given new name & moved to secret location. Where is Casey?

    One thing is for sure, they need more of a life than playing a literal shell game with FCA. They can't keep this up forever. She's a penniless felon of no importance to the world, with no education, no skills, and everyone hates her with a passion. And they are shuffling her around in a...
  9. Elder Price

    2011.07.17 Casey Released From Jail

    We need to let Fox know what we think of Geraldo if he does the deed. I never paid much attention to him, figured he was just another sensationalizing reporter. Little did I know what a sack of $hi% he is. Rupert Murdoch can't afford negative publicity right now. Have there been reports...
  10. Elder Price

    2011.07.17 Casey Released From Jail

    :banghead: What is this world coming to? Kill your kid, lie, lie lie, get treated to a private jet ride? I feel sick and disgusted beyond belief. I hope the jurors are happy. If this is Geraldo's doing I hope he gets run out of Fox News right out of the media altogether. It's not like...
  11. Elder Price

    Casey appeals her 4 Lying to LE convictions

    That's my take... delay, delay, delay. This may put a crimp in her interview plans (if any) though :)
  12. Elder Price

    Casey to be given new name & moved to secret location. Where is Casey?

    I need to put on my flame suit. Here goes... I find myself loathing ICA more than Osama Bin Laden. Both are at the top (bottom?) of the monster scale but there is something about ICA that really makes me loathe and hate in a way I have never experienced before. My hatred for OBL was...
  13. Elder Price

    Casey gets a 1 million dollar offer for first story

    She likes so effortlessly I think the polygraph would flatline throughout the entire Q&A session. They would probably check multiple times whether it is plugged in or turned on. Polygraphs aren't foolproof, and if anyone on this earth could beat one it is ICA.
  14. Elder Price

    2011.07.09 - Per Mason, Casey is not going home

    Don't forget the tattoo. She can have it removed but that will take a while. She can keep it covered but I doubt she likes to dress modestly 100% of the time... and someone suspicious could either get a look at her shoulder somehow, or put 2+2 together if it was always covered.
  15. Elder Price

    2011.07.09 - Per Mason, Casey is not going home

    I volunteer to fly the plane. Just me, ICA and my parachute...
  16. Elder Price

    ZFG Civil Case: Casey's Deposition

    Will declaring bankruptcy keep ICA from having to pay the state or ZFG? Will bankruptcy discharge debts from a defamation judgment or a criminal case? I thought perhaps not since Morgan is going after her, but he is getting a ton of publicity from this, too. I have been BEGGING for an answer...
  17. Elder Price

    **all things zfg lawsuit merged **

    I have had trouble getting an answer. If ICA files bankruptcy will a judgment from ZFG and the money she will owe the state be written off? I am confident Morgan WILL prevail.
  18. Elder Price

    Post-Verdict: KC not seeing parents -KC refuses visit with CA on Fri 7/8

    I actually think ZFG DOES have a good chance of winning. Besides the obvious, the standard of proof is much easier to meet, a preponderance (50.1%) vs. beyond a reasonable doubt. Thinking it over I thought that bankruptcy would not discharge a judgment from Morgan and Morgan, or else they...
  19. Elder Price

    Caylee Marie Anthony Memorial Thread

    Caylee Marie, I am sorry that you are here sitting on my lap after such a short time on Earth, a time when you were very happy. The last thing you remember was you were sleeping, then smelled something funny and now you are here with Me in Heaven. I want you to know I always had a plan for...
  20. Elder Price

    Post-Verdict: What's Next? Predictions?

    I do not believe for a second that the Mafia is involved with child *advertiser censored*. They have limits as to how low they would go, and this is below them. They may be criminals but they have a certain sense of honor, the same kind of honor that results in jailhouse justice for child killers. There...