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  1. Perodicticus potto

    WV - Women sue university over hidden camera in shower room, filed August 2015

    From : (more at link) This is my alma mater, sorry to say. I tried contacting them to ask for details of what they were doing to protect their students in the light of these revelations, but they ignored my e-mail, deleted...
  2. Perodicticus potto

    UK - "Promising athlete" spared jail for raping child

    Last month Adam Hulin, a 19-year-old middle-distance runner from Headley in Surrey, pleaded guilty to oral rape and assault by penetration on a 12-year-old girl: Last Wednesday, the judge spared him a jail term: Since the hearing, Hulin has taken to online comment sections (including the...
  3. Perodicticus potto

    Remembering Jack Mills

    Jack Mills was a train driver for British Rail. In 1963, at the age of 57, he was savagely beaten with an iron bar by thugs who robbed his train. His injuries meant he was never able to return to his old job, and he suffered physically and emotionally for the remaining seven years of his life...
  4. Perodicticus potto

    WV WV - Barbara Flake, 54, Jenkinjones, 9 April 2002

    From the Bluefield (WV) Daily Telegraph: What I find odd is that the body found on Trussell Hollow is still listed as unidentified with NamUs (last reviewed in 2011). An administrative error? Or were the forensic anthropologist's findings not considered definitive? A later article on a...
  5. Perodicticus potto

    GUILTY UK - Rebecca Thompson, 11, strangled in her bed, Bushey, Herts, 21 June 2013

    Very disturbing story. I live about 10 minutes' drive from Bushey. From The Independent:
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    GUILTY UK - Martyn Gombar, 28, killed in crash by texting driver, Rotherham, 25 Dec 2007

    This guy was given a peerage by the British government. (Just as a data point, there is a grand total of ONE Jewish national-newspaper-owner in the UK.)
  7. Perodicticus potto

    UK UK - Beata Bryl, 23, Wooburn Green, Bucks, 28 July 2006

    This case has haunted me ever since I saw a poster appealing for information about seven years ago. I just Googled it again and was sad to see that a solution was no closer. On 29 July 2006, the burnt remains of 23-year-old Beata Bryl were found in a woodland near the village of Wooburn...
  8. Perodicticus potto

    "We Found Our Son on the Subway"

    From one of the New York Times's blogs. So nice to see one of these abandoned-child stories having a happy ending.
  9. Perodicticus potto

    Economist article on child trafficking in China

    From this week's Economist: The whole thing is worth reading.
  10. Perodicticus potto

    Australia - Nick Waterlow, 68, Chloe Heuston, 38, slain, Sydney, Nov 2009 *Insanity*

    I hadn't heard of this particular case before, but I thought people here might be interested in this programme from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation: