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  1. Hexxgurl311

    Sidebar for Caylee Anthony's forum #14

    I'm definitely not defending him. He should have done the right thing for Caylee and told the truth.
  2. Hexxgurl311

    Sidebar for Caylee Anthony's forum #14

    If he really did try to commit suicide, I think it was because he felt, as he said, that he failed Caylee. We know he tried to get KC on her lies especially about having a job but was always stopped by CA. I'm sure the whole discussion about them taking custody of Caylee and kicking KC out...
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    Sidebar for Caylee Anthony's forum #14

    Yes, that is why I always thought she planned to kill the both of them after Caylee. Then adding in the searches for neck breaking and self defense/house hold seemed like she planned on killing more people after Caylee.
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    Sidebar for Caylee Anthony's forum #14

    Anyone else here believe another part of KC's plan was to kill George and Sindy?
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    Sidebar for Caylee Anthony's forum #13

    Whenever I hear this song I always think about this case... Shinedown "Second Chance" My eyes are open wide And by the way, I made it Through the day I watched the world outside By the way, I'm leaving out Today I just saw Hayley's comet She waved Said, "Why you always running in place?" Even...
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    Sidebar Discussion #12

    I had been to those apartments a couple times around the same time this happened and they do have the gates where in order to enter you have to get buzzed in but you have to have a home phone line in the apartment for you to buzz someone in. But they only close the gates at night time. During...
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    Sidebar Discussion #12

    Out of curiosity, anyone who thinks that FCA didn't murder Caylee and it was accidental do you think she should be in jail serving some kind of time for the actions she took after Caylee's death? Or do you agree with the fact that she is free?
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    Sidebar Discussion #10

    I think KC was extremely mad at George after he testified for the Grand Jury that lead to her being arrested for murder. After that happened all communication was cut off from her parents. Instead of Lee being the one who molested her it switched to George. Does anyone know if the cell...
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    Sidebar Discussion #9

    I was in Orlando for a visit last week (I went to school at Full Sail and was meeting up with old classmates) and I decided to drive by the Anthony home to check it out again to see if anything had changed. Cindy was outside doing what looked like yard work in shorts and a bathing suit. I...
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    Tim Miller: Possible Lawsuit against Casey

    Were the depositions of everyone given to the jury to review? I know they didn't ask to see any evidence, but was it just the evidence that was presented in the trial that they were allowed to view? Why didn't they call TM to the stand, he had some interesting things to say about OCA.
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    Imperfect Justice - Prosecuting Casey Anthony by Jeff Ashton Release date Nov. 15

    anyone going to the signing in NYC? i'm debating whether to go or not
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    Casey's seizure? NEW INFORMATION 2011.09.08 'Casey Anthony may have suffered from a medical condition that contributed to the death of her daughter, according to her parents, in an excerpt of a "Dr. Phil" interview reported Wednesday.'...
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    Casey Anthony's 'failure to protect' caused Caylee's death, DCF said

    Does anyone think FKC had a plan from Caylee's birth that she was going to kill her??
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    Pictures of Casey Anthony from TMZ

    Plus, since when do "paparazzi" walk the streets of Ohio? :giggle:
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    Pictures of Casey Anthony from TMZ

    Another reason these are probably staged is if the person taking them wasn't working with the defense they would have followed her home and we would know exactly where she was staying.
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    2011.07.19 Casey Anthony possibly spotted back in Orlando

    A woman believed to be Casey Anthony was seen getting off of the same plane at the Orlando Executive Airport on Monday that flew her out the morning she was released from the Orange County jail on Sunday, July 17.
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    Software designer says Casey Anthony prosecution data was wrong

    If the SA said she searched for how to make chloroform and she really didn't that would be HUGE. But she did search for how to make chloroform, whether it was once or 204 times she searched for it. That one time search is enough.
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    On "BIO" - Casey Anthony : How Did We Get Here

    Why did they say ICA asked AH to watch Caylee while she worked at Sports Authority?
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    Details Emerge: Casey/Cindy Fight - Part 3

    I agree with this. It was their plan from the beginning to not talk about the fight. I believe CA knew if she talked about the fight it would give police a motive for ICA killing Caylee and more evidence pointing to ICA. I wish the SA could have brought in more evidence of ICA hatred toward...