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    Mark E. on dr drew tonite.. lol

    Ok now on the following link.. for the protection of your own computer.. (so you dont throw it out the window) I recommend you forward past the first 3:29 mins of this with Jennifer B (a consultant for the DT).. (I wonder who is paying her lol) any way.. at the 3:30 point.. Mark E. rips into...

    2009.02.22 Geraldo

    Its amazing to me.. how slanted GR is in this case.. What i can't believe is tonite he stated (GR Did) that He feels that the LE is taping JB's visits with KC.. Also JB stated on the show that there was no residue from the heart shaped sticker on the duct tape and He believes that the...

    LKL - Thurs., 2/5/09 [Conway Guest On Show]

    Ive never started a thread before so I hope this is ok.. But did anyone else catch LKL last nite and catch this comment from BC. ******* KING: Brad, are they still holding out for their daughter's innocence? CONWAY: Larry, they support their daughter 100 percent. They love her. And...