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  1. peace9274

    GUILTY Conrad Murray Case - After The Trial & Verdict

    We hit 35 pages and we're no longer on a verdict watch. Thank goodness that's over! The wait was torture! Anyway, I thought it's time we start a new & fresh CM thread. :) We can post & talk about The CM Trial, the Verdict, Dr Murray, the After-Trial Interviews, Michael Jackson, his...
  2. peace9274

    "When Caylee Vanished" - On MSNBC 9PM - 12/24/08

    MSNBC is having a special on Caylee Anthony, 9 PM. I'm not sure if it is a repeat. Just saw it while surfing the channels. Merry Christmas
  3. peace9274

    The Plane Has Landed.

    The Plane Has Just Landed At Lax Other passangers said they felt uncomfortable with him onboard. No reason except that it's just HIM. :cool: