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  1. Gabby

    This is about 5 miles from where I live
  2. Gabby


    a small fire pit or patio stove. anyone have one of these items for sale?
  3. Gabby

    A Christmas Wish

    Christmas Prayers for all the Missing... May you be found in the New Year and your Families all find peace.
  4. Gabby

    GUILTY TX - Hanna Mack, 6, raped & murdered, Navarro Mills, 10 Sept 2007

    This is less than 5 miles from where I live.
  5. Gabby

    TX TX - Andrea Cotten, 17, Corsicana, 22 Jan 2004
  6. Gabby

    Attention Websleuthers/and Kelly

  7. Gabby

    Project Jason/Voice for the Missing

    Please follow the link at the end of my siggie... Kelly is sharing with us again so great news regarding Missing Persons... God Bless you Kelly Prayers for you, Jason, and all families of missing persons as well as those who are missing ..... I hope the immediate future sees many...
  8. Gabby

    NE NE - Jason Jolkowski, 19, Omaha, 13 June 2001 - #2

    Today is the 4 year mark of Jason's disappearance... Prayers to Kelly and her family on this day Prayers for Jason that he returns home to is loving family..... Prayers for all the missing --- may God be with you and your families
  9. Gabby

    Elvis Whiskey Decanture/Music Box

    I would like to sell this. I have never even broken the seal on the whiskey.. Elvis in jumpsuit 1977 edition of this music box. $300
  10. Gabby

    GUILTY TX - Lisa, 34, pregnant, & Jayden Underwood, 7, Fort Worth, 19 Feb 2005

    ... Amber Alert... This Is A Child Abduction Alert Issued By The Texas Amber Alert Network. The Fort Worth Police Department Is Searching For Jayden Underwood... Height 4 Feet 0 Inches... Race White... Sex Male... Brown Eyes. Abducted On 02/19/2005 At 1703 CST. Also Missing Is His...
  11. Gabby

    Woman Hands in Weapons After 30 Years

    BEIJING (Reuters) - A Chinese woman in her 60s has handed in weapons and ammunition to police after 30 years of agonizing over what do with them, Xinhua news agency said on Tuesday. The woman, surnamed Li, told police in southern Hainan Island she had a cache of weapons and ammunition to turn...
  12. Gabby

    Look Who Has a Real Potty Mouth...

    The citizens of Amsterdam may now take counsel of talking toilets that expound on the perils of smoking or the futility of war and berate them on hygiene and cleanliness. The first such toilets, fitted with sensors to detect exactly what visitors do and to pass comment if appropriate, were...