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  1. SieSie

    Michigan School Closings - "End of World" Rumors and "Potential Threats"

    From Rumors about the "End of the World" and concern about what happened in Newtown, CT last week, have caused multiple schools to close in more than one county in Michigan. Superintendent of Lapeer says the threat rumors have been checked out and proven to be false, but...
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    Photos of Benjaman (not comparison thread)

    We have a thread for Photo Comparisons that is very long, I would like this thread to be for photos of Benjaman only, that way new people coming here can easily look at just Benjaman's photos. If you have any screen caps or other photos of Benjaman that aren't included, please post them here...
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    Repost - MySpace Bulletins to Share

    Please add your "banners" or whatever graphics here that you'd like others to repost and spread around MySpace and emails. No permission needed, if they are posted in this thread, they are free for all to use to try to help identify these people. I will start us off in the next post...
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    I'd like to see if we can get a list of some specific areas where printed flyers have been or need to be distributed. I live in a tiny town in Michigan and can't help in this way, but I have been emailing his story around and urging others to do the same. :D I'm glad he got the national Dr...
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    Flyers to Print and Distribute

    Believe asked me to include a link so people can print and distribute flyers for Benjaman. My photobucket automatically reduces the image to 800 x 600, but I test printed it and it's not blurry, it just doesn't fill a whole 8 x 10 sheet, so you'll need to cut it. Here's the link - you can...
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    Resources - News, Blogs, Videos, MySpace...

    Doe Network – Case #1007UMGA Illinois Missing Adults (scroll down the page) Wikipedia – Benjaman Kyle (can someone who knows how to edit wikipedia help add more details and photos to his entry please?) Article - “A Real Live Nobody” – 09/24/07 from Savannah Now Article - “Man With...
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    What questions do you have? Hopefully others who remember the details a little better can answer so we don't have to search through the threads. Here are my questions: Did Benjaman have any defensive wounds when he was found? With the technology that we have available now with scanning...
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    MI MySpace and Facebook for the Missing and Unidentified

    MichiganDOEs - MySpace
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    Image/Graphic - Please Help Spread Around

    Please help spread the word through email, MySpace, Facebook, Craigslist, etc... Copy and save the image below: or Copy/paste the code below if you want to send it in a MySpace Bulletin: <img src=""">
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    Photo Adjustment Thread - "Wheel Well/Trunk Evidence"

    Great job everyone who adjusted pics for others to try to see what they were seeing - wish I was here in the middle of the night, I'd have helped! :doh: I am going to post my adjustments in separate posts, so if someone ends up quoting it to comment on something, we won't get filled up with...
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    Having Hope

    I just read this post from soyesterday in the Up to the Minute forum, and it gives me hope that if Benjaman can get more media attention, someone might recognize him. Here's a quote from the article at I've also been thinking about how much media attention the Anthony case is...
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    From - Drowning in Coincidence I thought we could have a thread for the similarities of the victims. I'm not familiar enough with the cases so far, so I'm curious to get everyone's input.
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    WS - Settings

    Does anyone know how I can change whatever in my User CP that shows an icon in the threads that I've posted? I don't remember changing it when we removed our siggy's, but for some reason, I have completely lost the little icon that tells you if you've already posted in a thread or not...
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    Help with Basic Info on a Few Cases Please

    I'm helping Christine (Lighting the Way Home) with some graphics of some missing people and I haven't been following any of these cases and hoped someone here who's up to date could answer some basic questions for me, or point me in the right direction, so that I can get to work on creating the...
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    Pastor - Neil Schori

    Let's discuss info. related to the pastor here... From Fox News: More at link above. From Fox News home page there's a picture of the pastor (not sure how long it will stay up there).
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    Madeleine Thread??

    Am I blind?? I can't seem to find the Madeleine McCann thread....
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    Interviews, Video and Timeline??

    In reading some other threads I came across some YouTube videos and tributes to JonBenet. I was wondering if anyone has any links to some of the interviews the Ramsey's did? I found a really short clip on YouTube of Patsy saying, "Keep your babies close to you" , but couldn't find a date...
  18. SieSie

    Suspects through the years?

    I've read many threads that say that Tracey has implicated other people in the JBR murder, also - what were their names and were they investigated and cleared? Besides the obvious Ramsey's, who else has been considered a suspect, investigated and cleared? I've heard mention of Helgoth...
  19. SieSie

    Dell Recall - Lithium Ion Battery

    More at links, didn't want to copy too much due to copyright rules.