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  1. Emma Peel

    Westboro Baptist Church inspires $92,000 (& counting) donation to Trevor Project This is kind of a nice story for once (involving the WBC). A group of college kids have figured out how to peacefully overpower, silence, and elegantly use WBC's...
  2. Emma Peel

    Zuckerberg gets married! (and not just to NASDAQ) :cake: :congrats:
  3. Emma Peel

    brangelina betrothed! best wishes in spite of the big flip-flop. because of the children. ;)
  4. Emma Peel

    Time for your chocolate break! somebody pinch me. and :woohoo:
  5. Emma Peel

    WA State Legalizes Gay Marriage!
  6. Emma Peel

    Arnie vs. Sly: Shirtless! - who's hotter? :woohoo: :dunno: :fence: :skip: :lol:
  7. Emma Peel

    CA: Appeals Panel Overturns Prop 8's same-sex marriage ban Welcome back, California. :wave:
  8. Emma Peel

    Today is Internat'l Human Rights Day-Hillary Clinton's Adress to UN Assembly

    Dec 10th is International Human Rights Day. Hillary spoke to the UN Assembly yesterday as the occasion was celebrated. Handy link to video and transcript.
  9. Emma Peel

    San Diego Homecoming Couple - voted King/Queen by student body; bullied by adults? boo hiss. when the big bad bigoted bullies are the parents - does school bullying & intolerance begin at home? you betcha! :cow:
  10. Emma Peel

    America's Most Wanted UNcancelled & Reborn on Lifetime

    Not sure where this news belongs, (current in the news or current in celebrity/entertainment) but since it came to me as a "today headline", and since it's a show with lots of WS "fans", I thought I'd plop it here for everyone. ENJOY! :D...
  11. Emma Peel

    Rachel Uchitel Returns Hush Money to Tiger and Sues Gloria Allred Instead. Read more: :banghead: :banghead: okay, first one to be able to make...
  12. Emma Peel

    CA Schools Curriculum: Inclusive of Historical Accomplishments of Gay Men & Lesbians
  13. Emma Peel

    NY State Legalizes Gay Marriage !!!,0,1496953.story :great::woohoo::woohoo::woohoo::great: :fireworks: :fireworks: :fireworks: And... the annual Gay Pride Parade in NYC is tomorrow. Here at home, we listened for hours to the...
  14. Emma Peel

    Hey, the TONYs were kinda awesome, actually.

    If you missed the Tonys ...this is the opening number. Worth a look. :yes: ... actually ... most of the numbers were kinda awesome @ the Tonys last's another ...
  15. Emma Peel

    DISNEY trademarks "Seal Team 6"
  16. Emma Peel

    Ashton and 1 and 1/2 Men?? Emma says: Given Ashton & Demi's pet humanitarian project is "Real Men Don't Buy Girls" - a...
  17. Emma Peel

    per Art Harris source: Misty offered complete Immunity

    Exclusive: Misty Croslin Immunity Offer? February 25th, 2011 With thanks to Dr. Know for posting the article in the Media thread.
  18. Emma Peel

    Art Harris article: Misty Cracks (changes story again)

    Good Grief. I'm outta words. Anyone?
  19. Emma Peel

    Police Flyer #2 - Did you have any visitors on June 4, 2020? The most recent photo-flyer from police, which was distributed to a "selected group of people"... IMO, the select audience for this flyer is different than the Skyline School Family. I think the audience is...
  20. Emma Peel

    Working Theories Thread

    Working Theories Thread Here's the place to bring your theories and more complex analysis together using the facts and your powers of reasoning. Make Deductions Inductions, Intuitions, Speculations, Assumptions, and Hypothesize the day away. Problem Solve, Postulate, Percolate, Incubate...