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    Baby Lisa's Parents To Move Back Into Home

    Baby Lisa's Parents To Move Back Into Home ABC "Good Morning America's" Matt Gutman reported that Jeremy Irwin and Deborah Bradley will make the move Tuesday. Read more: __________________
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    Casey Anthony's 'failure to protect' caused Caylee's death, DCF said

    Casey Anthony's 'failure to protect' caused Caylee's death, DCF said After a nearly three-year investigation, DCF officials release comprehensive review of Caylee's death. 11:20 a.m. EDT, August 11, 2011 DCF officials this morning confirmed that Caylee Marie's death was the result of Casey...
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    GUILTY MO - Breeann Rodriguez, 3, Senath, 6 August 2011 - #1 Police Search for Missing 3-year-old Girl WSIL TV - ‎13 hours ago‎ DUNKLIN COUNTY, MO. -- Police in Southeast Missouri are searching for a missing three-year-old girl. Breeann Rodriguez was last seen in front of her...
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    5/15/2001 Levi Page Show 9pm ET.

    In RE Timothy Holmseth Chelsea Croslin Shocking Truth Tune in tonight at 9 PM ET as we discuss Timothy Holmseth author and attention seeking conspiracy theorist and Chelsea Croslin the sister-in-law of Misty Cros May 15...
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    5/5/2011 Billie Dunn, Mom of Missing Teen, to Appear Live on KRBC News at 5 & 6

    Billie Dunn, whose daughter, Hailey, was last seen at their Clorado City home on December 27, will appear on KRBC News at 5 and 6 this evening to answer questions about her daughter's disappearance.
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    'Barefoot Contessa' taking heat for repeatedly rejecting 'Make-A-Wish' cancer patient

    The boy, who would watch Garten from his sick bed, told the Make-A-Wish Foundation that he wanted to meet the Food Network celebrity. When told that her schedule was too busy, Enzo opted to wait. When the request was made once more, Garten's representatives replied with a "definite no,"...
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    GUILTY AL - Carla Fuqua, 28, Piedmont, 29 Oct 2009

    Carla Fuqua, shown here, was last seen Oct. 29. The last time her mother saw Carla Cook Fuqua, she was entering the driveway of her home. That was on Thursday, Oct. 29. Read more: Piedmont Journal - Piedmont woman missing...
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    TX - Most wanted sex offender Bruce McCain missing. Authorities need the public’s help in locating one of Texas’ most wanted sex offenders after the man fled a Houston halfway house last Friday. The Texas Department of Public Safety is offering a $5,000 reward for information...
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    Should videotaping the Police be a crime?

    That Anthony Graber broke the law in early March is indisputable. He raced his Honda motorcycle down Interstate 95 in Maryland at 80 mph, popping a wheelie, roaring past cars and swerving across traffic lanes. Anthony Graber was arrested for posting a video of his traffic stop on YouTube.But...
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    Is this now considered a cold case? Buy photo The images shown above related to cold cases from left to right and top to bottom: James Edward Tuff Jr., Haleigh Cummings, Sudheer Satti, sketch of rape...
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    Police: Boy found hanged in Texas school bathroom

    THE COLONY, Texas (AP) -- A 9-year-old boy was found hanged in the bathroom of a Dallas-area elementary school in an apparent suicide, police said. Counselors were on hand Friday for students and parents. Authorities in The Colony say the fourth-grader was found by staff at Stewart's Creek...
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    NY NY - Plum Island, BlkMale 45-65, UP6618, @ disease lab site, prior neurosurgery, meds, Jan'10

    Jan 15, 3:55 AM EST Body found on NY's Plum Island, disease lab site PLUM ISLAND, N.Y. (AP) -- A human body has washed ashore on suburban New York's tiny Plum Island, where the U.S. government has an aging lab for studying dangerous animal diseases. Police say a security guard on...
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    Better airport scanners delayed by privacy fears

    Here's a good topic........I can see that they would be a plus, however.......I'm not real sure how I would feel about it being used on kids. Where do they draw the line? If you exclude kids, then they will use children. What say you?
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    2009.12.18 Deputy Richard Cain Interview and more

    Seems like Cain...was not so professional? New developments in the Caylee Anthony murder case. A former meter readers says deputies came just feet from Caylee Anthony's remains but never looked inside the garbage bag. Now the sheriff's deputy who responded to the initial call is getting...
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    Haleigh/bus stop...Ron or Teresa?

    We have conflicting stories on who picked Haleigh up from the bus stop on that Monday.:waitasec: Didn't Ron say that the last time he saw his child was when he picked her up from the bus stop that day, before going to work?? Then we have Ron's mother telling us SHE picked they child...
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    2009.02.21 FDLE 3pm Presser

    Putnam Sheriff's Offica and FDLE to hold news conference @3:00pm.
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    2009.02.20 3:00pm FDLE Presser
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    2009.09.04 Cindy sent D.Casey/Hoover to remains site Addtional VIDEO RELEASED #2

    Bombshell....discuss. page 9. Wonder how she knew to send him there eh???????????????? :furious:
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    GUILTY SC - Aretha 'Maria' Fernandez, 31, Union, 3 Sept 2008

    UNION, S.C. (AP) -- When Susie Fernandez drives, she tries to glimpse every face in passing cars. In stores, she glances at people in aisles and checkout lines. She's been doing it ever since her daughter, a nurse and devoted mother of a little boy, vanished in September. "You try to have...