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    Found Deceased PA - Salina Chilson, 38, Venango County, 3 July 2019 *arrest*

    Lengthy article: Additional Details Released in Case Against Venango County Man Accused of Death of Local Woman Joanne Bauer | August 29, 2019
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    Identified! MI - Saginaw Co, Remains w/ Boots in Woods off Chapin Rd, Sep'18 - Xin Rong

    "SAGINAW (WJRT) (8/29/2019) - New theories and photos could crack the mystery of whose bones were found in Saginaw County last year. Police are working on a fresh tip on the identity of the man whose remains were found in a wooded area last September. Investigators are exploring a number of...
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    VA - Cullen, 1, Emily Bivens, 24, & Joan Bernard, 62, Pittsylvania, murdered, 26 Aug 2019 *Arrest*

    I certainly thought he should have immediately been taken to a secure mental health facility for evaluation and treatment. I hope this is what this is. In too many cases where LE shoots at a perp when they are this close together, LE misses and hits the victim instead.
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    VA - Cullen, 1, Emily Bivens, 24, & Joan Bernard, 62, Pittsylvania, murdered, 26 Aug 2019 *Arrest*

    "PITTSYLVANIA Co., Va. (WSET) -- A criminal complaint filed in connection to the triple homicide is revealing more details as to what led to a neighbor finding the body of Joan Bernard in the driveway of her home... A criminal complaint filed by the neighbor who found Joan Bernard shows that...
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    DC - Margery Magill, 27. Brutally Stabbed To Death Walking Dog. 28 August 2019

    "Margery Magill, the Washington D.C. dog walker who was stabbed to death, had interned in the city and developed a passion for working on international agriculture, food security issues, and the empowerment of women. Metropolitan police named Magill, 27, of Northwest, D.C., as the victim of the...
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    WV - Louis A. Johnson VA Medical Center Clarksburg deaths investigation, 22 August 2019

    "WASHINGTON – When federal investigators contacted the Shaw family at their farm in rural West Virginia last winter, they had an unusual request: They wanted to exhume the body of George Nelson Shaw, Sr., who had died several months earlier, to examine his body for foul play. The family had...
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    Deceased/Not Found IN - Owen Jones, 4, swept away in flooded creek, Delphi, 23 May 2019

    "DELPHI, Ind. – Temporarily damming a portion of Deer Creek in Delphi allowed state conservation officers and dozens of safety officers from Delphi, Carroll County and surrounding counties to get a closer look at log jams in a search for a 4-year-old boy who has been missing since being swept...
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    VA - Cullen, 1, Emily Bivens, 24, & Joan Bernard, 62, Pittsylvania, murdered, 26 Aug 2019 *Arrest*

    Here is a report on it: Sheriff releases new information in Pittsylvania County triple murder
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    Found Deceased WA - Alex Stewart, US Army, hiking with friend, High Steel Bridge, Mason Co., 7 Apr 2019

    "July 1, 2019. MASON COUNTY, WA — The Mason County Sheriff's Office late last week announced it had recovered the body of the missing soldier from Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM), who went was thought to have fallen from the cliffs near the High Steel Bridge over Skokomish River while hiking...
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    VA - Cullen, 1, Emily Bivens, 24, & Joan Bernard, 62, Pittsylvania, murdered, 26 Aug 2019 *Arrest*

    Family of 19-year-old who 'murdered his mother, baby nephew and sister' - the wife of Tampa Bay Rays pitching prospect - reveals the devout Christian and 'all-round perfect kid' was mentally ill "New details have emerged about the 19-year-old Virginia man accused of murdering the wife, baby son...
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    VA - Cullen, 1, Emily Bivens, 24, & Joan Bernard, 62, Pittsylvania, murdered, 26 Aug 2019 *Arrest*

    "Emily and Cullen Bivens, the wife and son of Tampa Bay Rays pitching prospect Blake Bivens, were among three people shot and killed in a triple homicide on Tuesday, along with Emily’s mother. 19-year-old Matthew Bernard is in custody; he is suspected of killing his sister, mother, and nephew...
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    UK UK - Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe

    Police haven’t learnt lesson of Ripper hoax: The death of ‘Wearside Jack’ shows that detectives still make the same mistakes that hampered the Sutcliffe manhunt Police haven’t learnt lesson of Ripper hoax
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    NJ - Robert Frank Williams 53 Charged Rape 13 yo Girl. Mummified Human Remains.Newark 16 August 2019

    Bit of Hope: Imstilla.grandma's post 5 also says it was a boy.
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    TX - Harley Morgan & Rhiannon Boudreaux, killed in crash 5 minutes after their wedding, 23 Aug 2019

    It looks like there are 4 Justices of the Peace in Orange County, Texas. Justice of the Peace Homepage The third (Judge Joy Dubose-Simonton) is the only one on Highway 87: Justice of the Peace 3 with an address: 2524 Hwy 87 South; Orange, Texas Google Maps Looking at that area I would guess...
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    KY KY - Andrea Knabel, 36, mother of two, Audubon Park, Louisville, 13 Aug 2019

    Andrea Knabel Missing: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know |
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    Found Deceased Malaysia - Nora Quoirin, 15, from UK, special needs, missing on vacation, Seremban, 4 Aug 2019 #5

    They are incompatible: For a missing person you want hundreds of local people looking all over. But hundreds of local people looking all over are also going to destroy evidence of any crime. So if you want to treat it as a crime you only have trained law enforcement people doing the search.
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    GUILTY NY - Andrea Zamperoni, 33, chef at Cipriani Dolci, Queens, 17 Aug 2019 *Arrest*

    Angelina Barini: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know |
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    GUILTY IA - JoEllen Browning, 65, found stabbed to death in home, Iowa City, April 2019 *husband arrested*

    "Complex and violent crime cases taken on by the Iowa City Police Department’s investigations section this year have led the department to bolster the ranks in that unit and rely more heavily on outside agencies for help... The crunch on resources began earlier this year with the investigation...

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