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  1. blue_the_puppy

    GUILTY IN - Sgt. James Vester, 32, killed in Craigslist robbery, Indianapolis, 4 Dec 2013

    Do they know if the perps were definitely the Craiglist "sellers?" Or was he robbed at random by someone else in the complex parking lot? Someone I went to college with posted about this on facebook -- his wife knew him :( We use Craigslist a lot -- my husband is selling his ipod on there now...
  2. blue_the_puppy

    MI MI - Tiane Brown, 33, Detroit, 29 October 2013

    I used to work at WSU, and while it is a pretty safe campus, some of the surrounding neighborhoods are rough. I hope she didn't run into foul play while driving in the city or stopping to get gas or whatever. Any mention of where she lives? Do her parents regularly babysit the kids, or was this...
  3. blue_the_puppy

    Wedding Gift Amount Deemed Insufficient By Bad-Mannered Bride

    reminds me of my cousin. they had a huge fancy wedding. it was a big deal. i actually didn't go because my cat died that day and i was too upset. i'm not sorry i missed it though - they were divorced in 3 months. i have nothing against big production weddings (though they're definitely not...
  4. blue_the_puppy

    Wedding Gift Amount Deemed Insufficient By Bad-Mannered Bride

    can't STAND bridezillas! i'm getting married at the end of this month. we're having a very small wedding with mostly only immediate family. i'm wearing my mom's wedding dress and we've kept the budget under $1,000. anyways, my future sister-in-law (fiance's sis) asked me about the dress she...
  5. blue_the_puppy

    America's Most Miserable Cities

    ouch! 3 cities from michigan on that list, including the city i grew up in (warren). thanks for posting!
  6. blue_the_puppy

    SPIRIT AIRLINES jet dove 1,600 feet

    just what i want to read a few days before a transatlantic flight.
  7. blue_the_puppy

    Sweden - Gay Marriage Now Legal In.....

    go france! :party:
  8. blue_the_puppy

    Found Deceased IL - Bryeon Hunter, 1, Maywood, 16 April 2013 *Arrests*

    look at that little face! look at it! what a sweetheart. no one can hurt you anymore, sweet boy. no one cares anymore if you're potty trained or not, because now you're an angel. a lot of cases on here are sad but this one just makes me MAD.
  9. blue_the_puppy

    2 dead, 24 hospitalized in Pennsylvania bus crash

    thanks for the clarification!
  10. blue_the_puppy

    2 dead, 24 hospitalized in Pennsylvania bus crash

    what a tragedy for the seton hall university community, a school that has known tragedy before: my thoughts and prayers are with all involved
  11. blue_the_puppy

    Couple Married 70 Years Finally Get Their Dream Wedding

    awww! what a lovely couple. thanks for sharing.
  12. blue_the_puppy

    Downs Syndrome Man Runs Restaurant

    what a great story. i would love to eat there!
  13. blue_the_puppy

    Even moderate drinking may substantially raise risk of dying from cancer: study

    i didn't know breast cancer could be in part caused by alcohol. my dad died of esophageal cancer, which was mentioned in the article. it is a horrible, horrible cancer and can be caused by drinking and smoking.
  14. blue_the_puppy

    Anderson Cooper's Daytime Show Cancelled

    yeah i liked the old version better! oh well, i still watch it every day. can't get enough of my boo :blushing:
  15. blue_the_puppy

    Massive Crash on I-75 in Detroit

    just said a prayer that your DH gets home safely.
  16. blue_the_puppy

    Southeast States - AL, AR, LA, FL, GA, KY, MS, NC, SC, TN - Weather Discussion

    i flew into DC yesterday and the landing was terrifying! those were some biiiiig storm clouds.
  17. blue_the_puppy

    Massive Crash on I-75 in Detroit

    geez, that ice must have come out of nowhere. RIP to those lost.
  18. blue_the_puppy

    Secret Service Dog Falls Off Roof And Dies

    poor thing. RIP :(
  19. blue_the_puppy

    Brazil Nightclub Fire Kills At Least 90 People

    apparently there was only one exit, and some people were trampled trying to get out .. :(
  20. blue_the_puppy

    Another malfunction for Boeing 787 Dreamliner; ANA flight w/137 aboard lands safely

    you couldn't pay me to fly on the nightmareliner!

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