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    The Anthony $$$ Train: Will You Fuel It?

    there's a used trial ticket autographed by vinnie politan currently on ebay, 41 bids and counting, with a current price of $223. there's another ebay offering for casey's senior year book, current bid $150. needless to say, this is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of the post-trial money...
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    Shout Out To Bill Sheaffer

    i've followed the eyewitness 9 feed of the trial online at, and just have to say that bill schaefer's levelheaded commentary, common sense insight and expert analysis has been nothing short of tremendous. compared to the sideshow spectacle of talking head experts shouting over...
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    Do Paid Witnesses Intentionally Lie?

    not a particularly big fan of wendy murphy, but i did get a kick out of her recent rant when she called out the bug man, claiming that he exemplified for-hire liars and the commonplace tolerance for these type of witnesses. she added that such behavior, including jb's vasco stunt, made a mockery...
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    Is Casey A Skillful Liar?

    it's amazing to me that the talking heads, and media in general, continue to refer to casey as a skillful, adept and convincing liar - i just don't get it. casey is a pathological liar, not a skillful liar, big difference. in fact she has to be one of the least capable and clumsiest liars i've...