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    Yellow Paper

    Watch this video. Where does the crumpled yellow paper at the end come from? ICA comes into court empty handed. Someone passing her notes? Isn't that not allowed?
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    Deputy Who Died On Duty Was on Casey Witness List
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    Dr. Lillian Glass - Trouble with CA & GA's relationship

    This is from today, but below it, there's also a reading on Casey posted 2 days ago. Dr. Glass also chimes in on the attorneys from court the other day.
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    Metal Rod?

    Have we even discussed this yet? RK had a metal rod with him, collected by LE (page 18 of this document: Sounds just like the PI, who also used a metal rod, poking and probing the same area. I realize that it's a water meter reader...
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    That Tattoo of Hers

    I'm sure we have a tattoo thread here, but I can't locate it. Mods, please move if you can find it. So she has a tattoo on her that says something like Bella Vita or something like that. Was it Vista or Vita? Does it have anything to do with Caylee's location?
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    Lee's home & car

    Sorry if this has been discussed already, but I'm curious. Doesn't LA live like a block from the A's? Is there any chance he's involved in this, or is it just KC? Has LE searched HIS car, home, property yet?
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    Who Got Tasered? 9/19