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    Contacting the Media??

    (I hope this is the right forum; please put it in the right place if it isn't, thanks.) Have you ever contacted the media about a cold case? What was the outcome? Was it difficult to convince a journalist or reporter to profile the case? I'm looking for a wide range of experiences. I'd like...
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    NC - Mike Nifong, Duke prosecutor, for ethics violations, Durham, 2006

    The director of a private testing lab admitted in court that he and Mike Nifong, who is prosecuting the Duke Gang Rape case, made a pact to keep the DNA results secret. The test results showed DNA material in the dancer's panties, vagina and rectum. None of it matched the three men indicted...
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    WA WA - Reuben Lewis, 20, Everett, 21 Feb 1991

    I found this case on the doe network in September. It's sort of my "special" case that really drew me in to start volunteering with the group. Here is what the Snohomish County Sheriff's Office has on their missing persons site him: Reuben Lewis is from the south Everett, Washington, area. He...