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  1. Macushla

    Dr. G. donates proceeds to local organizations

    Thank you RO. Jan Garavagila is a class act and always will be. I feel privileged to call her my friend.
  2. Macushla

    Dr G. to do special about Caylee

    I have known Jan Garavaglia for over 15 years. You can check with the Mods, I have been 'vetted' so to speak. I am posting my connection with Dr. G now, and yes, she knows I am doing it. I would never think of it otherwise. She knows that people here at WS have been supportive of her and...
  3. Macushla

    Dr G. to do special about Caylee

    Dr. Garavaglia's special on Caylee will be on The Learning channel tonight 1/1/12 at 8 pm. It may be shown at other times, but tonight is when it will be aired for the first time. ETA: Sorry, should have been area specific. Here in the Orlando area it will be on at 8 pm. Wasn't thinking...
  4. Macushla

    The Oath of Admission to the Florida Bar -- Did JB or CM violate it?

    I agree with everything you said, but I don't want anyone to be disappointed if nothing is ever done. Perhaps I am being too cynical here, but I seriously doubt you will find an attorney willing to do more than just shake their head sadly and frown. Think about all the attorneys that did legal...
  5. Macushla

    The Oath of Admission to the Florida Bar -- Did JB or CM violate it?

    The unfortunate reality at this point is that if ANYONE files a complaint with the Florida Bar it is going to look like sour grapes because the Defense won. I do believe there was more than one breach of ethics during the last 3 years. the photo of Mason shooting the bird is proof positive of...
  6. Macushla

    ZFG Civil Case: Casey's Deposition

    Hey let's look on the bright side for a minute. IF the fraud charges are overturned, doesn't that mean the case has to be tried again? If it is tried again, wouldn't she have to stay in jail until trial because she is a flight risk? And it would take a long, long time to find a jury. If she...
  7. Macushla

    ZFG Civil Case: Casey's Deposition

    O/T You have the right to speak for yourself, but you have no right to speak for all the most wonderful young men and women who are serving their country right now. I KNOW a number of them, including my nephew and I know for a fact that they do not agree with what you are saying.
  8. Macushla

    What did we learn today 7-05-2011

    I learned that I lost faith in this world today and I am bewildered by it. I learned that I do not know what to say to some very good friends about all this. and most sadly I learned that deep down inside I really believed the good guys would win and I learned how much it hurt when they...
  9. Macushla

    Porchlights on for Caylee

    So glad to see this. Logged in so I could start a thread if one had not been started. Lights on in Oviedo, FL for Caylee
  10. Macushla

    2011.07.04 State Closing Argument Rebuttal Thread

    this deserves to be read over and over :clap::clap::clap:
  11. Macushla

    To the jury

    I don't know if, after the trial is over, whether any jurors might browse the internet to see what the world thought of their verdict. In case any of them happen upon WS: Thank you for allowing your lives to be disrupted in order to seek justice for a beautiful little girl by the name of...
  12. Macushla

    You Know You're Addicted to the Case When:

    I now have our small battery powered TV in my purse, just in case the verdict comes in and I am nowhere near a computer or TV. It is all charged up AND I am carrying the cord that can be used to power up in a car, just in case. I have already checked and I can get a signal from the dog park...
  13. Macushla

    2011.07.02 Sidebar Thread

    KC has reached the end of the hallway. I am wondering if there is even a flea's egg of a chance that we will not see closing arguments tomorrow, but will hear that an agreement has been reached for KC to please guilty of aggravated manslaughter of a child. I am torn about this. I would love...
  14. Macushla

    2011.07.02 Sidebar Thread

    He mentioned the duct tape on the stand. He was describing what he saw, I don't remember whether it was during direct or cross, but he definitely mentioned duct tape. It was most likely during the first time he took the stand.
  15. Macushla

    Support Thread: Detective Yuri Melich

    Bumping up. How appropriate that Yuri Melich was the last witness heard from in this trial. He was there from day 31 and now he was there at the end of the trial. My deepest thanks to him, John Allen, Eric Edwards and every single LE and crime scene person who worked on this case. They are...
  16. Macushla

    2011.07.01 Sidebar Thread (Trial Day Thirty-Three)

    I wonder if JB will go looking for a vault to open once he finds out his law career is down the tubes?
  17. Macushla

    Trial Catch-Phrases /Bloopers,Baezisms and just plain funny MERGED

    Outstanding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :innocent:
  18. Macushla

    Let's Hear it for George!

    [/B] This has to be one of the most profound statements that I have read on this forum. Thank you for saying so perfectly what a lot of us have been feeling. As many people have said, Caylee would be proud of her JoJo today. May length of time ease his sorrow and his loss enough for him...
  19. Macushla

    Who is Matthew Bartlett and why the middle finger sign?

    If my son had EVER been stupid enough to do that, he would have begged HHJP to keep him in jail a very long time because he would know that the minute he got out I would be right there waiting for him and when I got done with him 6 days in jail would have seemed like a vacation! I think LE...
  20. Macushla

    What did we learn today 6-30-2011

    thank you! I told him he could go into another room, but since we only have a desk top computer, I had to stay where I was. I think he just likes to complain! :crazy: PS I also learned today that there is no AHA moment! (I never really thought there was, though, so maybe that one doesn't count)

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