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DNA Solves
DNA Solves
  1. Short_Stuff

    Syringe in bottle contained traces of chloroform

    Havent been here in eons. Just want to say I heard the new evidence on NG and I am appalled even more.
  2. Short_Stuff

    It's All About Caylee

    Thinking of you today Caylee. God Bless you sweet child.
  3. Short_Stuff

    2011.06.16 Vigil Info *bump*

    Thanks for the info Mom4Life. I lit a candle and prayed in rememberance of Caylee. God Bless.
  4. Short_Stuff

    Motion to Delay Judge's ruling on the Video

    I dont understand their complaint to begin with. When someone is suspected of a crime LE often uses tactics to get evidence whether its during questioning, taping, following, etc etc. When youre in jail youre not on a picnic in the park youre being taped and watched. Its NOT a set up. So tough...
  5. Short_Stuff

    A Poll - is the Anthony Trial changing your view of our Legal System?

    It's as bad as I always thought it was. In other words if you are of certain looks or power you get off easier because you have high profile lawyers who twist things!
  6. Short_Stuff

    Andrea Lyon New DP Atty

    I have said all along KC wont get death because of her looks and race. So this lawyer makes no difference in that way IMO. But I am mad she gets all these fancy schmancy lawyers. All she should have is a public defender like everyone else that has NO money!
  7. Short_Stuff

    2009.05.04 LKB on "Today Show"

    Sounds like itty boo crying like OJ the glove doesnt fit story. Lets PRAY the case doesnt turn out like OJ with all the thou that doth protest too much BS.
  8. Short_Stuff

    2009.5.04 Change of Venue and tainting the Jury Pool

    I think he may get the change. But what does it matter? The only ppl who havent heard about this case are in MARS. lol. And what more does JB want? They already have a dream team like rich ppl get. I have no pity as always.
  9. Short_Stuff

    Random Thoughts and Discussion Ideas#5 About the Case

    Yes I am disappointed too. UNfortunately, the evidence "we are seeing" is not enough IMO to connect KC to Caylees murder even though we know she did it. Now we hear oh chloroform is natural when there is a decomposed body. Oh the defense loves that bombshell. Add in they didnt find the body soon...
  10. Short_Stuff

    In defense of George and Cindy.

    This is the main reasons CA and GA make me upset. They shouldnt have said a word to media ever not one word, and most importantly they should have confronted KC for once in their life (ie the jail visits where they cater to her.. is wrong just plain wrong). If they would have confronted her, she...
  11. Short_Stuff

    Zanny's White Dog

    There is no little white dog, or a nanny. GA said Caylee never mentioned Zanny (let alone a dog). This family is trying to save KC by enabling her not realizing they are all making things worse than they already are.
  12. Short_Stuff

    2009.04.13 Unreleased Evidence: What Are You Waiting to See?

    I want fingerprints linking KC... And actual cause of death would be good, but doubtful (other than we know choloroform was in the car). Also the results of that bottle and syringe (which more than likely was thrown there by some stranger)-but it would be good to find out for sure what was in it!.
  13. Short_Stuff

    2009.04.22 & 2009.04.23 GA & CA Excl. Intvw: CBS The Early Show (Inc. Outtakes)

    I just watched my recording. At least CA and GA acted more civil today. Its obvious they are trying to save KC, (and save themselves from more judgement).
  14. Short_Stuff

    Why did Lee flip-flop?

    I put family loyalty but the real reason is LA (GA and CA) are all "enablers" Enablers fear loss of the person who is doing bad things and so they stick by them no matter what, not knowing they are making things worse. The same applies with families or friends who enable drug users.
  15. Short_Stuff

    Why would casey have told anyone where to find the body?

    KC didnt tell where Caylees body was, even her lawyers dont know the real truth from her, no one knew except KC. You all are forgetting shes a narcasistic (spell?) pathological liar and people like that never tell the truth.
  16. Short_Stuff

    Caylee vs Sandra Memorial and Family Behavior

    The biggest differences in these 2 stories was early on when Sandra was missing, unlike KC, Sandras mom reported it and when Sandra was found dead her mother could barely speak and she had to be immediately hospitalized. Sandras mother acted/acts like a real mother who loved her child and was...
  17. Short_Stuff

    Baez' Statement Regarding DP News

    OT but kinda on topic. On JB and KC's dream team. It amazes and disgusts me that KC gets all these people helping her, but the lady in the recent SC case, which is just as appalling has a public defender. They should both have a P.Defender.
  18. Short_Stuff

    Does the State's Case Have Any Weaknesses? What Are They?

    Weaknesses, 1. Main one is; So many people searched where Caylees remains were eventually found and found nothing. 2. Another one is KCs dream team is a weakness against the states forensics because they will twist everything causing reasonable doubt. 3. No cause of death. 4. And lastly I...
  19. Short_Stuff

    2009.04.13 State To Seek Death Penalty For Casey Anthony

    Even though I have no pity for KC, I see this as a mistake by the prosecution, and opens up the door for her to totally get out of being punished. One juror pities her, and shes free. Also when going for the dealth penalty the rules now change for the prosecution for evidence. And FYI it costs...
  20. Short_Stuff

    An arrest has been made!

    I am glad the case was solved but I must admit, I was very surprised by this arrest. I thought it would be a male sexual predator. You just never know nowdays.

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