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  1. Bit of hope

    NY NY - Ellery, Rte 17, WhtFem 30-37, UP15489 193UFNY, GSW, poss from Canada or Europe, note, clothes, Dec'83

    I think LE is getting closer and closer. This is from a FB page, run by the Sheriff's office Unsolved Chautauqua | Mayville NY We are seeking any and all information about Robert C Minard who lived previously in the 1970's in Stowe and Ashville New York. Mr. Minard, born in July of 1935 moved...
  2. Bit of hope

    CA CA - Los Angeles, WhtFem UP4317, 55-75, in King Edward Hotel, “Vivian”, Jan'82

    Thanks, I hope this will move the case on.
  3. Bit of hope

    Mexico Unidentified US-Mexico Border Project

    It's sad there isn't a picture available for Edgar Peralta. If you look at the stats it could be a match, but what's bothering me is the 2 years between missing and found. The National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs) and the fact that the PMI only hours is. I think you should...
  4. Bit of hope

    Identified! WA - Yakima, WhtFem 18-25, 916UFWA, handmade yellow dress, 5-pt star tatt, "SCOTT-LILLIE-2H", Jul'77 Verata "Joni' Gates

    Joni, so sad this happened to you. Rest peacefully now. So glad that you can go home to your family who were waiting such a long time. Thanks to all involved in Joni's identification.
  5. Bit of hope

    DE DE - Tina Kemp, 14, Felton, 3 Feb 1979

    Although there are some reliable FB pages I would be careful believing what is said on social media. The snowstorm hit Deleware later in Feb. according to the article you posted. Isn't it annoying that info about the snowstorm is repeated and repeated and is proven to be wrong. By Monday...
  6. Bit of hope

    CA CA - Orange Co., WhtMale Skeletal 190UMCA, 15-19, in Trabuco Canyon, Dec'96

    I think Austin is a bit to old. He would have been 27 in 1996, considering the PMI of 2 years, Austin would have been 25 at the time. Did you find a connection with the surnames mentioned here?
  7. Bit of hope

    FL FL - Male, 17-28, UP814, Palm Beach County, 3 Feb 1984

    Thank you Othram and all others involved. Sincere condolences to Joseph's family. Thinking about his associate Jamie. Big chance his name is James. Being mid-thirties at the time (approx. 1983-1984) he must be born approx. 1948 and is now approx.76. Yehh, who could he's a tough one...
  8. Bit of hope

    NY NY - Brooklyn, Newtown Creek @ N Henry St, WhtFem 20-50, UP8295, inside oil drum, May'92

    At least she is buried and not cremated, so there is some hope.
  9. Bit of hope

    CA CA - Hemet, skeletal remains, Oct 2021

    I can't find this UID in Namus and no update about this remains being identified or other updated details. I don't know but could it be an archaeological find?
  10. Bit of hope

    OK OK - John Wayne Dalton, 47, transient, Mannford, 1 June 1994

    Years and years have passed since John Dalton was reported missing by, I believe, a worried familymember in 2020. Did LE tracked down when his social security number was last used and where, f.i.? When was he born? This would be helpfull finding out if he passed in the mean time. Does he have a...
  11. Bit of hope

    AK Samantha Kent 24 missing from Anchorage, Alaska Nov 1993

    Scar/mark Numerous old scars on lower back from an attack Scar/mark Scar on left leg, inside of knee from a bullet fragment Did anybody ever found something about her attack and who shot at her?
  12. Bit of hope

    AZ AZ - Amber Rae Johnston, 36, Bullhead City, 17 August 2021

    I don't know. Why is that relevant? He passed in September 2023.
  13. Bit of hope

    NY NY - NY, Hudson River, WhtFem 25 -35, UP14585, blue toenails, Sz8 Converse, clothes, Sep'14

    For convenience a missing file Carrie Ann Monroe – The Charley Project
  14. Bit of hope

    CA CA - Corinne Groenenberg, 14, Modesto, 1 Nov 1973

    I found this, from The Windstor Star, Windsor, Ontario Canada, July 5 1968. If this is her, they must have lived in Los Angeles at the time. I don't seem to be able to find an address in Modesto.
  15. Bit of hope

    KY KY - Michael Carver, homeless adult, Bowling Green, Nov 2020

    Here is another picture from Chrissy, from his Namus file. This is how he looked like in 9/16/2020. It looks like one of the front teeth is broken.
  16. Bit of hope

    KY KY - Michael Carver, homeless adult, Bowling Green, Nov 2020

    This page doesn't exist anymore. Do you remember what it said @?!? Was it a suggestion for Michael's remains possibly found? His Namus file is still up btw.
  17. Bit of hope

    OR - 6 women found dead near Portland, most in secluded, wooded area, Feb 19 - May 8, 2023 *POI of 4*

    So sorry. My heart hurts so much reading your post. In the Netherlands we don't have fentanyl and christal meth use that much, but people are dying of all kinds of other drugs. Our precious family members are going down. I also feel very sorry for this killed ladies who are so vurnerable...

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