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  1. sloane7777

    Identified! TX - Burned body Found , Dallas, Dec 11 2019 - Quincy Wyatt

    I didn't see a thread for this , if I've duplicated ...well oops :) Burned body found wrapped in tarp in southern Dallas, police say
  2. sloane7777

    Match! TX - Dallas, BlkFem UP4005, 17-28, Found in a Vacant Field, Nov'89 - *Kimberly Cheatham* I submitted to NAMUS yesterday, This is mere blocks from one of the suspects work , I 100% believe this is Kim.
  3. sloane7777

    TX - Dallas Teen beaten by Family members to end pregnancy

    I didn't see a thread on this and its totally sickening
  4. sloane7777

    TX TX - Sloane Powell, 27, Fort Worth, 17 December 1994

    This is the First thread I have started (with the help of Los2188) This case seems very solvable, however I can find very little to post, We have the same name , same age, and I happened to be in Ft. Worth visiting from Arkansas the day she was murdered, I was on the trip to decide if I want...