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  1. Amity

    Names of Jurors just Released,0,6186508.story
  2. Amity

    Three years from now, Where do you think the Key Players will be?

    I am Not including Casey in this because I feel she's had enough face/air time. But all the other key players, I was wondering where everyone thinks those people will be in their life three years from now? Will we still be hearing the names of the key players for this case? Will one or some of...
  3. Amity

    JB Hospitalized

    Casey Anthony's Attorney Jose Baez Hospitalized That's two people in the hospital, thanks to Casey.
  4. Amity

    M. Karr headed back to Calif. Some more photos I found while searching. EDITED: Oooopsy! I just saw the other post on this forum about JMK and now see that I shouldn't have...
  5. Amity

    Ebay - Making $$$ off a Tragedy