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  1. Cayleefan

    Post Some Of Your Favorite You Tube Videos Made About Caylee...

    YouTube - ‪The Newest Member of Caylee's Team‬‏ My favorite.
  2. Cayleefan

    Why Was Cindy and Casey Taking So Many Notes In Court...

    I think they are both planning on writing a book. What do you guys think?:waitasec:
  3. Cayleefan

    Linda Kenny Baden *MERGED*

    Anyone know? We haven't heard, or seen anything from her in quite a while.
  4. Cayleefan

    Let's List Evidence That Ties Casey To The Crime Scene...

    1) duct tape 2) baby blanket 3) laundry bag 4) heart shaped sticker
  5. Cayleefan

    WHAT Has Been Said & By WHOM... That Baffles You? (aka Oh No They Didn't!)

    One thing that has always stuck in my mind was, during a jail visit, Casey told her parents, I wonder what she was talking about?:waitasec: After all this time has gone by, I'm beginning to think she was telling them simply to not worry that she hasn't admitted to them anything. I now think...
  6. Cayleefan

    Poll:Why Do You Think Cindy Is Protecting Casey???

    This poll is multiple choice. How many of you are thinking that Cindy's reason's for protecting her daughter are any of these? I personally feel that Cindy, as well as George, know what Casey did to Caylee.
  7. Cayleefan

    POLL: What Do You Think Casey's Sentence Will Be???

    I'm really hoping for Life Without Parole:yes:. I think that she just might get it too.:praying: What do you think?:coffeeup:
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    Poll: Who Do You Think Will Be The BEST Witness For The State???

    I think that George Anthony is probably the strongest witness so far. It's hard to say for sure. But, I'm putting all my cards on him. Who do YOU think it may be?:waitasec::yes::thumb::praying:
  9. Cayleefan

    Stop Network & Person's Seeking To Profit From Caylee's Tragedy...

    Please sign this petition... :hand::shakehead::frown::nono::no: Thank you.
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    Do You Think Caylee died before or after Casey was at Blockbuster with Tony?

    Before Blockbuster? Sometime from Blockbuster until the next day?
  11. Cayleefan

    OMG! Could This Be Where She Got The Nanny's Name From???

    If not, it's quite a coincidence.
  12. Cayleefan

    I'M SO DISAPPOINTED IN GERALDO...Fox should can him again

    What is his deal? Is he for real? He can't possibly be that uninformed or OUT OF HIS FRAGILE MIND that he appears to be on the side of the defense, can he? I know that he is entitled to his opinion just like everyone else but clearly, he is simply wrong. I am shocked that he isn't aware of how...
  13. Cayleefan

    Article I Found That Made Me Feel Better...

    Please read at... http://.com/2008/12/21/caylee-anthony-she-deserved-so-much-better-from-her-family-casey-cindy-george-lee-anthony-eventually-she-was-saved-by-her-father-at-christmas/ Happy New Year everyone.
  14. Cayleefan

    If You Want To Send A Poem, Letter, etc. To Site Where Caylee Was Found...

    You can do so by using this link... Happy Holidays everyone.