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    Sheriff Donnie Harrison retiring

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    Sheriff Donnie Harrison retiring

    Sheriff Donnie Harrison is retiring. In this WRAL interview he mentions the photo he has kept of Michelle Young. We will miss you, Donnie! Outgoing Wake sheriff reflects on career: 'I can't complain at all' ::
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    GUILTY OK - 4 dead, many injured when car crashed into crowd at OSU homecoming parade

    "Witnesses tell News On 6 it was terrifying as a car crashed into parade watchers at high speed." <snip> "The Stillwater mayor has confirmed that three people are dead, two in critical condition, 27 have been taken to the hospital. Eight helicopters in all responded to the scene." More...
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    Taiwan: Over 200 injured in explosion at water park.

    "More than 200 people were injured -- scores of them seriously -- after flammable powder apparently exploded in midair at a recreational water park in Taiwan, the East Asian nation's official Central News Agency reported."...
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    Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo test flight crashes in Mojave Desert - 1 dead, 1 injured

    "During the test. the vehicle suffered a serious anomaly resulting in the loss of the vehicle," the company said in a statement. "The WhiteKnightTwo carrier aircraft landed safely. Our first concern is the status of the pilots, which is unknown at this time." More at...
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    NC - Teen arrested for attempt to kill grandmother by poisoning collard greens

    "According to a warrant, Johnson tried to kill Gaylon Moody on Sunday by pouring insecticide and termite killer into a pot of collard greens cooking on the stove, knowing that Moody planned to eat them. Moody said it was payback after she confiscated her granddaughter's cellphone for a week."...
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    NC - State Fair ride operator arrested for tampering with ride. 5 injured.

    "The investigation into Thursday's ride accident at the N.C. State Fair has led to the arrest of a 46-year-old man who operated the ride. Wake County Sheriff Donnie Harrison announced Saturday night that Timothy Dwayne Tutterrow of Georgia has been charged with three felony counts of assault...
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    CA - Boeing 777 from S. Korea Crashes at San Francisco SFO
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    Shoe Poll

    Let's posit for a moment that Jason did not commit this crime. If you were planning to enter a home where the husband left with luggage earlier in the day, but later in the evening there were lights on in the home and women in the driveway, and you were going upstairs to search for jewelry in...
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    NC - Nine E. coli cases confirmed; Eight of those ill attended State Fair

    "Seven children and two adults have been infected with E. coli and eight of them attended the North Carolina State Fair, Sue Lynn Ledford, community health director for Wake County, said Wednesday. The victims range in age from two months to 62 years old. The cause of their illness is not yet...
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    Pretrial motions

    I heard today on the WRAL noon news that a pretrial motions hearing scheduled for today has been moved to Friday, Feb 4th. The report did not say what the motions were. There is no report on the WRAL website at this time. The Wake Superior Court calendar has not yet been updated with the...
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    Regis Philbin retiring from "Live with Regis and Kelly"

    "Veteran broadcaster Regis Philbin announced today that he will be retiring from the weekday talk show 'Live With Regis and Kelly' after nearly 25 years. Philbin broke the news this morning at the top of his show. He confirmed that though he's departing, the "Live" franchise will continue. The...
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    Rapper Petey Pablo arrested at RDU airport on gun charges

    "Rapper and Knightdale resident Petey Pablo was arrested at Raleigh-Durham International Airport Saturday morning after security found a gun in his luggage, according to an airport spokeswoman and arrest warrants." More at: OK, how stupid do...
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    Family reunited with dog stolen 7 years ago

    "Seven years ago the Davis family of Lake Orion, Mich., had a Weimaraner dog named Jake. He was just a puppy and suddenly he was gone, stolen from their backyard. Yesterday Jake finally was reunited with the Davises after he was located hundreds of miles away in a Kentucky animal shelter."...
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    Heidi Montag's plastic surgeon texted before driving off cliff

    Plastic Surgeon Was Texting in Car Before Fatal Crash "Dr. Frank Ryan, plastic surgeon to Heidi Montag and other celebrities, was sending a Twitter message about his border collie just before his fatal car accident, his ex-girlfriend tells PEOPLE. "He lived up in Malibu on a tiny street and...
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    Chief medical examiner to retire

    "State health officials said Monday Dr. John Butts would retire from office July 1." <snip> "State Health and Human Services Secretary Lanier Cansler says Dr. Deborah Radisch has been appointed to replace Butts." More at:
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    Signs of Spring photo gallery

    Need a pick-me-up? Here's a Signs of Spring photo gallery from the Boston Globe.
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    OR - Climber falls into Mount St Helens crater

    "An Air Force helicopter has joined the search for a 52-year-old Washington state man who spent the night in the crater of Mount St. Helens after plunging 1,500 feet when a snow cornice gave way yesterday. Joseph Bohlig of Kelso, an experienced climber making his 68th ascent of the volcano...
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    Cat gets called to Jury Duty My sister and BIL got so tired of telemarketing calls that they listed their cat's name instead of theirs in the phone book. When people called and asked for him they'd say "He's not here right now." The caller would usually ask what...
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    Brad may not have gotten his Christmas treats

    Poor Brad may not have received his Christmas treats (if his mother or brother ordered any for him, that is): "supply problems at SecurityPlus Packaging, the small Shelby company that holds the sole government contract for selling and shipping the holiday treats, have caused some inmates'...