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  1. Schuby

    Iowa family "terrorized" by police SWAT team

    In search of items purchased with a stolen credit card, an Ankeny (Iowa) Police Department SWAT team raided a family home wearing battle gear, helmets and face covering hoods, and carrying ballistic shields and pointing military style assault rifles. They broke open the door with a battering...
  2. Schuby

    Cr of State - British government agrees to compensate victims of war crimes

    The British government settled a case in London's higher court, agreeing to financially compensate victims of torture and wrongful imprisonment during the Mau Mau rebellion of the 1950s (see article below). We often talk about the best ways to prevent and curb crime by individuals, what about...
  3. Schuby

    Juror questions for Alyce LaViolette: what is your opinion?

    Is the jury getting it right in your opinion? **special thanks to member schuby for her transcriptions of the questions** *please remember rules on bashing of defense team and witnesses * Q: "Could Jodi have exaggerated to help her case?"