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    Mexico - 4 missing children, 7-10, found in shallow graves, 24 April 2012 God rest their little souls. God save our souls! Now we have to worry about our children being kidnapped (or even sold) for organ trafficking? No words to say how sick this makes me...
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    LI mom fired after donating kidney to her boss: suit

    Now this is SERIOUSLY the epitome of an ungrateful {modsnip} I felt I was giving her life back,’’ Stevens told The Post. “My kidney ended up going to St. Louis, Missouri, and hers came from San Francisco.” Stevens said she did not realize that she was in for serious pain, discomfort in her...
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    Baby Lisa's Mom Calls KMBC's Kris Ketz

    Don't think this has been posted yet... "Deborah Bradley speaks with KMBC 9's Kris Ketz about the six months since her daughter, Lisa Irwin, disappeared and says she has reason to hope that the baby is alive and well."
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    Amanda Cummings suicide via bullying.. you have to read this This poor girl jumped in front of a bus! That's not the end of it... if you go to the page set up to honor and mimorialize her.. 2 well known cyberbullying groups (9gag and 4chan)...
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    Keystroke logger found in Smartphones?

    WOW! This is some serious stuff! For those who don't know, a keystroke logger does just that... it logs every letter you input into the phone, in essence letting whoever is on the other end see everything you type!!! I have the iPhone 4S and I'm really pizzed right now. How can this be...
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    Black Sabbath reunion: 2012 world tour, new album announced If you/re as big an Ozzy and Sabbath fan as I am, this is BIG news!! I think I can safely say this will probably be the last time we will get to see Sabbath...
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    GUILTY NY - Zurana Horton, 33, pregnant, killed by teen sniper, Brooklyn, 21 Oct 2011 WHEN ARE WE GOING TO HAVE STRICTER GUN LAWS IN THIS COUNTRY??? :banghead:
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    Georgia Woman Sold as a Baby Reunited With Long-Lost Sisters Awesome story.. bittersweet but it proves to me anyways that it DOES happen! (People selling babies.. ugh)
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    GUILTY MD - Jessica Nguyen, 12, stabbed to death, Gaithersburg, 31 May 2011 Police say David Rich Hang, 42, step-father of Jessica Nyguen,was arrested Tuesday on the strength of an arrest warrant for first degree murder. REALLY??? Another Stepfather???? :banghead: Sigh.....
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    VA VA - Shane Donahue, 23, Nokesville, 22 March 2010 Prince William County Parents Still Hold Hope in Finding Their Missing Son Shane Donahue Her husband says "you walk around like you're in a daydream." His...
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    GUILTY UT - Hailey Byrne, 2, suffocated, Weber County, 9 Sept 2011

    Hailey Byrne, 2, was found dead inside her home last month. Investigators say the toddler had been suffocated. 4 paragraphs.. that's all. RIP little hailey :rose:
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    GUILTY TN - William Johnston, 1 month, shaken to death, Normandy, 15 Oct 2010

    Last October, police said the then 18-year-old told them he was playing video games, and his son wouldn't stop crying so he shook him. How dare the baby needing attention while Daddy was...
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    IL - Robert Deja Accused In Plot To Kill Daughter He Had Sexually Assaulted Disgusting :maddening: Glad he didn't succeed!!!
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    Mind-blowing sex can cause temporary amnesia Geesh, the only amnesia I ever experienced is when I wanted to FORGET who i'd slept with! :lol:
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    Former Weezer bassist dead at 40 (CNN) -- Mikey Welsh, most famously known as the bassist for the rock band Weezer, died unexpectedly Saturday, according to the band. He was 40. The cause of death was not immediately known.
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    Woman stabbed by husband is saved by breast implant, reports say,0,5752233.story The 40-year-old Moscow woman's husband was allegedly aiming for the heart when he sunk a knife into her chest during a domestic dispute. But the knife was blocked by the silicone...
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    GUILTY DE - Bridget Wismer & John Gavaghan for baby selling, New Castle County, 2011 NEW CASTLE, Del. -- Authorities say a Delaware woman sold her newborn son for $15,000 to take her other two sons to Walt Disney World. Now she has NO kids... ugh. Sigh.
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    What have we learned in the case of the WM3?

    Although my Dad was a Police Officer, this case taught me to teach my son NOT to talk to LE even though he is innocent of whatever they might want to talk to him about
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    TX TX - Sherri Strong, 19, pregnant, found strangled, Houston, 16 June 1982 HOUSTON—An arrest in a 30-year-old cold case murder is shocking a neighborhood in northwest Harris County. Manuel Pena was charged in...
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    Florida: Father of bullying victim to announce anti-bullying march

    Jones' daughter, Chatari, has organized the event, which will be Oct. 7 and start at her school, Sunshine State School of Leadership, 2724 South Orlando Drive, Sanford. Chatari attends the school...