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  1. askfornina

    The Disappearance of Lisa Irwin radio show 7/12/13 There will be a blog talk radio show about Lisa's disappearance on July 12th at 7:30PM central time. Lisa's parents will be speaking on the program, according to the Footprints FB page. (...
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    Lisa Irwin Archive

    These are links to my Lisa Irwin archive. Many of the videos are no longer available on news sites, so if you can't find something there that you are looking for, it may be available in my archive. Feel free to make any suggestions on how to improve the archive, and please let me know if you...
  3. askfornina

    June 23rd 2012 Family holds balloon release Video @ link
  4. askfornina

    Picerno on KMBZ radio April 4th

    I can't find the audio for this. I'm not sure if it will be posted. Here are two articles from the KMBZ site. :waitasec:
  5. askfornina

    New website for Lisa This is a new website for baby Lisa endorsed by the family. It appears to be under construction, so check back for updates. ETA: I found this through FB. A family member posted it. It is associated with a new FB page. I am not allowed to link that page per mods.
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    Mama's Kitchen Cookbook Italian/Creole

    This is my family cook book. Grandma's recipes, but my aunt wrote it. She wanted me to spread the word. It's $18 including shipping. I grew up eating this food, best food you ever tasted. We are sicilians from Louisiana. Italian food with a New Orleans twist. You can buy it here...