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  1. spicedtea

    Messages to the Cox Family and Susan's Friends

    May God Bless Susans family and friends. I wish I could find the words to express what I want to say but words fail me right now so I'll just send you my silent prayers and tear shed.
  2. spicedtea

    GUILTY TX - Amber Elkins, 20, Humble, 24 July 2011

    They just arrested someone for her murder... May God Bless Amber and her poor family and may this demon burn for what he's done.
  3. spicedtea

    GUILTY TX - Amber Elkins, 20, Humble, 24 July 2011

    Ashley just posted this... It's now the Official missing poster made by TES
  4. spicedtea

    GUILTY TX - Amber Elkins, 20, Humble, 24 July 2011

    I don't know what I can say here,Ambers big sister Ashley is a friend of my adult daughters but the forum rules don't allow information that I can't link to. I certainly understand that and agree with it. I'm just trying to help in whatever way I can. Ashley (Ambers sister) is flying down...
  5. spicedtea

    GUILTY TX - Amber Elkins, 20, Humble, 24 July 2011

    There's a ground search for tomarrow.... Time Friday, July 29 · 8:00am - 11:00am Location RIVERWOOD MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH 11938 Homestead Rd Houston, Texas
  6. spicedtea

    GUILTY TX - Amber Elkins, 20, Humble, 24 July 2011

    I don't know if I'm doing this right but I hope you guys will forgive me if not,I'm trying to get the word out as fast as possible and I don't know what else to do to help. This missing girl is the baby sister of my daughters friend and at this time all I know is that the girl disappeared last...
  7. spicedtea

    6 Month Vigil held on 6/25/11

    Ok...her daughter is missing and either dead or in incredible danger yet she's moving far away from the home she was last living at?!? Only concerned with getting away from the negativity?? OMG. If it were one of my kids I'd NEVER leave until my kid was found. I'd be camped out in a homeless...
  8. spicedtea

    TX - Hailey Dunn, 13, Colorado City, 27 Dec 2010 - #40

    Just my opinion,but I personally don't think the short spurts of time she (or anyone really) spends on NG are indicative of her as a person or her day-to-day behavior. Yes, I DO think she's staging her behavior,trying to appear strong and optimistic,most likely for the benefit of her son or...
  9. spicedtea

    Zahra's hearing aids

    She had "behind the ear" style hearing aids so no,she wouldn't be able to sleep in them. They're uncomfortable to wear just in general. I'm hearing impaired and wore them when I was young but they aren't all that helpful for my type of impairement. I think Zahra expressed the same thing on an...
  10. spicedtea

    Domestic Violence/Is EB a Battered Wife?

    Hmm. Makes me think of stories I've read about "killer couples". They often do things when they pair up that they didn't do before.
  11. spicedtea

    Domestic Violence/Is EB a Battered Wife?

    Even if EB WAS abused by AB (or visa versa) it isn't an excuse for what happened to Zahra of course. But I agree,they're very toxic people and IMO probably fed off of their mutual violence in some sick way.
  12. spicedtea

    Jason Wishert Has Threatened My Family.

    I'd be honestly surprised/disturbed if this man were ever actually in law enforcement in any capacity. VERY disturbed. The letter was very threatening and frankly twisted. I'm glad you've made LE aware of the situation, there is something very wrong with that individual in my opinion. As...
  13. spicedtea

    Stranger abduction theory

    I think stranger abduction is possible but unlikely. Possible because Kyron wasn't seen leaving at all. We all want to believe kids won't walk off with strangers but the sad fact is they do,time and again. :( They're so vulnerable,they instinctively obey adults. I don't personally feel that's...
  14. spicedtea

    Could you serve as an unbiased juror in this case?

    I think I could be fair and impartial. I'd try anyway. After the Jessica Lundsford case I've learned my lesson on not thinking my opinions are always right,that what seems impossible can actually happen. I thought her father did it until they caught Cooey. I feel so ashamed still! I came...
  15. spicedtea

    Is the flow of information in this case going to prevent a fair trial?

    I don't think there's been too much publicity at all. Like other posters here,my hubby also wouldn't know who Kyron,his only interest in the news is simple...sports and weather. Pretty average,like most people. I've never understood how releasing the facts in a case can taint a jury pool...
  16. spicedtea

    GUILTY FL - Craig Wall, 5 wks, & Laura Taft, 29, murdered, Clearwater, Feb 2010

    Horrible! I don't understand why he was allowed to bail out after she gave police the camera. Surely they knew he'd go after her after that,especially with the order of protection also placed on him. A thousand dollars bailed him out to kill again,something is terribly wrong with our laws in...
  17. spicedtea

    Do You Think Susan Will Ever Be Found?

    I think they'll find her,like other posters have said,in Spring when the snow thaws. But IMO it will be her body and it'll be someplace within his "comfort zone",near a site he/they used to live or vacation at. With all the time he was gone and all the mileage he later logged on that rental...
  18. spicedtea

    OH - Up for Parole Child Killer... *extremely disturbing*

    Manson was a famous case,the public is/was aware of it and there WAS a huge outcry when Atkins tried to get released on "compassionate" grounds. She may have gotten it if nobody spoke up. With cases that are not famous there's no opportunity for the public to speak up so (because we aren't...
  19. spicedtea

    MO - Elizabeth Olten, 9, St Martin's, 21 Oct 2009 #14

    I dunno,but I'm just reading to catch up here myself. I'm too slow a reader/typer to keep up with everybody here,lol. Probably the lack of new news on the case. My own thoughts are that I hope that when it does eventually come to trial that they make sure that she never gets loose again. She...