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  1. salvarenga

    App for Blackberry?

    Is there an app for viewing Websleuths on a Blackberry? I saw it posted that someone recommended Tapatalk. Their app for Blackberry is no longer working. Any other suggestions?
  2. salvarenga

    2009.07.24 Hearing 1:30pm: George and Cindy Anthony MAY be back in court

    Seeking info in Casey Anthony case, State Attorney slated to haul George and Cindy Anthony back to court,0,3645760.story
  3. salvarenga

    GPS/Ankle Bracelets for SO's

    IMO, ankle bracelets are USELESS. See the attached link for more information.
  4. salvarenga

    State's Witness List Released 2008.11.18 Updated 2008.12 & 2009.01.26

    According to the Orange County Clerk of Courts online system, the state filed their witness list today with the court. Does anyone know how to get a copy of this?