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  1. raisincharlie

    PCSO Release 2/9/2010

    The following press release was issued today concerning the investigation of the disappearance of Haleigh. It provides some information and a general theory of what happened. As previously released, it is very unlikely that Haleigh’s...
  2. raisincharlie

    Human Remains/Blue Barrel

    Reported today - found on the SW side of Chicago near the shipping canal. A blue container with human remains found near the container.
  3. raisincharlie

    Wedding Photos

    Thought I would start a thread in the same vein as Sami's thread about lamps. My wife and kids are off visiting with my wife's parents so I'm paying particular attention to pictures this eve. I've been driving everyone crazy on the board today so I need to be constructive. In the search...
  4. raisincharlie

    Investigative Tools

    With the release of some of the search warrants related to this case it is apparent some things will require a great deal of investigation, analysis, and most likely expertise. I thought it might be a good to brush up on some of these topics for future discussions with the assistanc eof some...
  5. raisincharlie

    Search Warrants

    WRAL in Raleigh, as well as other information sources, released copies of Search Warrants returned as of 12/06/06 relating to this case. The link to these documents can be found here for your perusal: It is recognized that not all of the posters...
  6. raisincharlie

    Assistant DA Assigned to Case

    Thought it might be interesting to take a look at the Attorney for the State who has been assigned to the Michelle Young case. Assistant District Attorney Becky Holt has been assigned to this case: "Wake County Assistant District...
  7. raisincharlie

    Rumsfield Stepping Down

    Fox is reporting that Donald Rumsfield will resign effective immediately. Will look for a link.
  8. raisincharlie

    MO - Michael Elmore, 2, murdered, Springfield, May 2005

    Ashamed to say but here in my home town, justice was not granted today to a 2 year child. Amanda Elmore had a 15 year sentence for killing the child suspended by the judge. No reason has been presented for why the judge suspended the sentence. This woman slapped her child because he spilled...
  9. raisincharlie


    Just heard it announced that a judge has ruled that the insurance policy on Laci Peterson will be paid to Sharon Rocha