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    Md authorities thwart mass shooting DEVELOPING: Maryland authorities have thwarted an alleged mass shooting plot and seized an "arsenal of weapons," Fox News has learned. WJLA-TV reports that police foiled what...
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    Charleston SC- LIVE Suicide "Bomber" on Ravenel Bridge. Updated: Feb 02, 2012 4:55 PM EST The Ravenel Bridge is shut in both directions Thursday afternoon because of a possible jumper. Traffic on I-526 and I-26 heading toward Mt. Pleasant is backed up for miles. The "bomber" part is rumor...
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    I hope that there are a few curious Jurors

    Who now that they can, will go and read everything. And watch everything. And find it hard to sleep.
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    So Here We are, Blessings to You and Give me Links!

    We get past the Yule Tide, and Valentines, and Easter. Then there is Mother's Day. Which WE will celebrate with our family. Also in May, Myself and ALL of you will be ready for the trial. I made an ornament for Caylee for our tree. I look around at my children, and my grands ( the first of...
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    2010.11.29 Hearing: RE: Defense's Experts Not Creating Reports

    This was brought up at today's hearing. I realize that Baez wants as little in writing as possible, but how can you work with no written reports? Seriously?
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    IF/When ICA goes to trial will you need to re-read the docs?

    I did not know where to put this. I did not want to clutter up the Caylee forum so I thought it best to post it here. I spent a good part of November-January sitting in hotel rooms. My husband had taken a new job and had to travel to train.Luckily part of that time we could go with him...
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    Spicher attorney would be 'surprised' if Terri not arrested

    Here I REALIZE THAT THIS HAS BEEN POSTED ELSEWHERE. THOUGHT IT NEEDED IT'S OWN THREAD. "I would be, frankly, surprised if Terri Horman did not eventually face charges in this...
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    DY and TY feel this was planned ahead of time.

    Take from Patty G's Today's News Post. I did not see this anywhere else. What I am posting is not verbatim and is paraphrased in my notes. When asked about the sexting, DY rolls her eyes and says that the fact that someone would...
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    SC - One perp killed, 2nd injured in Walterboro gas station robbery, 6 July 2010 WALTERBORO, SC (WCSC) - A clerk at a Kangaroo gas station shot and killed one man and injured another after the two men allegedly tried to rob his store Tuesday night. According to Walterboro police, at around 10:05 p.m., two black males...
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    Our Experience with bullying.

    This past school year I removed my 12 year old from her middle school ( she was then 11) She is a bright child ( not just my bias but proven) who had a close knit circle of friends or so it seemed. A few girls in one of her classes decided that they were lesbians. At 11. They decided they had a...
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    I think I broke WS

    :crazy: Or at least the server(s) are slow. It could be the added refreshes of the activity in the Kyron forum, I know. Just want to let you know.
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    Bring Kyron Home website shutting down

    I posted this in another thread and thought I would bring it up for everyone to see. Woah I missed this. about :34 into the video there is a comment that the Bring Kyron Home website will shut down by the end of the week...
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    Why has everything seemed to slow down?

    I guess we have to remember why we are here and be patient. I get so frustrated and disheartened and I know you all do too. It just seems by rehashing everything that we are working ourselves into a tizzy. Maybe lets take a deep breath and then continue with renewed hope of find out what is...