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  1. wallflower67

    who/where is Amelia Sobel

    Mods, I hope this is where I can pose this question. Amelia Noel Sobel ( was one of the Caylee's warriors that was in the twitter feud with Holly and Jon Briley and Kiran, whoever they are. The real Amelia wrote a novel, "Oy Vey" which I just read. I really enjoyed the...
  2. wallflower67

    Were the jurors snuck out?

    I was actually sleeping when the verdict came in, but my dh said that the jurors were going to speak to the press...make a statement. But then HHJP said he wanted to talk to them 1st. My husband thinks HHJP told them it wasn't a very good idea for them to make a statement because their decision...
  3. wallflower67

    what happens to the Sunfire now?

    I know this isn't all that important in the grand scheme of things, but I wonder if the A's get it back? What about other stuff that was seized, like Caylee's clothes/toys that they haven't had returned to them yet. Years ago, we had a computer that was seized as evidence in a criminal case...
  4. wallflower67

    Why does Websleuths take so long to load?

    Lately, it seems like every page takes at least a minute to load, which is quite annoying when you are continually browsing and posting in the Caylee thread. I don't remember it always being this way, and it seem to be due to ads. I do not have this problem on my work computer, but ads are...
  5. wallflower67

    Can Casey vote?

    I've tried to find info on the internet, but I"m not coming up with anything. Does anyone know if Casey can vote in this election, even though she is detained pre-trial? She's not been convicted of a felonly yet...presumed innocent until proven guilty.
  6. wallflower67

    "Everyone Lies, Everyone Dies" - Casey's MS, "Diary of Days", Blog Entry

    Did Casey just make that up? Or are they actually lyrics to a song. If so, I'd like to read the rest of the lyrics. Or are they part of a poem?
  7. wallflower67

    documentaries and interviews

    I've been reading this site for some time...since Laci Peterson disappeared, but have rarely posted, and had to re-register recently. The JBR case has always haunted me. I swore I wouldn't get caught up in pondering what happened, swore I wouldn't buy any of the books, but then this Karr...