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    Identified! KY - Cloverport, banks of Ohio River, Leg in Shoe, Mar'20 - Danny ”Tin Can“ Napier

    Sorry if somebody’s already started a thread on this... Very little info that I’ve seen this far. A human leg in a shoe was found on the banks of the Ohio River near Cloverport (Breckinridge County) around lunch on Monday. It was decomposing, so it could have come from anywhere upstream (KY...
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    KY KY - James Cable And Philip Clopton - Murdered And Dismembered Teen Girls

    I'd posted about these sickos on a thread about a (male) UID found near Owensboro, KY. I will try to get those links onto this thread. I didn't realize that they didn't already have one. I've wondered (for quite a while, actually) whether any of the girls involved are still "missing." Some...
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    IN Evansville - "dickie" Kratzer - Killed In Intentional Hit-and-run 11/1981

    I came across this cold case from not too far from where I live while I was looking for something else. I'd never heard of it, but I was only two when it happened and it happened on the other side of the state and across the river. The first story is from earlier this year. The second doesn't...
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    UNSOLVED KY - Marion County Uid, 20 November 1990

    COLD CASE ON THE MURDER OF UNIDENTIFIED PERSON Kentucky State Police (website) I doubt this individual will ever be identified. There is literally NO info whatsoever other than a date and "wooded area in Marion County." Most of Marion County is wooded. It doesn't have a gender and just...
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    OH OH - Robert Slack, 61, Huron, July 2006

    I saw that this fellow was identified in recent DoeNetwork updates. I wasn't sure where I should start a thread since I couldn't find one for either the MP or UID. I decided to start it in Cold Cases, even though foul play wasn't necessarily* involved, because the circumstances are rather odd...
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    Resolved KY - Louisville, Wht/NtvMale, 50-70, found near Outer Loop, Feb'17 - Name withheld

    I didn't see that anyone had started a thread on these remains, so I'm starting one. If there was one, either disregard this one or merge them. There were some bones found by a man changing his tire this past Saturday. They've released more details today. They say that it could be a "Native...
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    KY KY - Elizabeth Brussow, 43, Louisville, 10 Dec 2006

    Several stories about Elizabeth Brussow have popped up in local (Louisville) news. LE now think that there was foul play involved in her disappearance. I looked/searched around and couldn't find a thread for her. I figured that there wasn't one, so I started this one. It kind of made sense...
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    Identified! KY - Bourbon Co., Skull found in creek, Apr'16 - Clay Reed

    They've found a skull in a creek in Bourbon County, Kentucky. It was just found yesterday, so not much info has been released. They've searched around and couldn't find any other bones that could be related. So, thus far, this is only a skull. Bourbon County is where Paris (its county...
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    KY - REAGAN CARTER - Bullied Girl Commits OD Suicide 12/2014

    I saw this (very sad) story on our "local" news this morning. I've never really looked through it much, but I knew WS had a forum related to bullying and thought I should say something about this girl here. Her mother is around my age (a year/grade older than me). I personally couldn't...
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    IN IN - Stephen Spalding, 42, Clarksville, 21 April 1999

    This guy's case is new to DoeNetwork. I started a thread because one of my good friends is a Spalding, but they're probably not related. It seems like every other person in my local census would be a Mattingly, Ballard, Spalding or Chesser... So it's a real common name, and not all of the...
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    IA IA - Brian Blachut, 30, Scarville, 21 Nov 1993

    I came across this guy looking through another thread. I could not find a profile of his on DoeNetwork or Charleyproject. The only thing I found was on "Iowa Cold Cases." It has a lot of info, especially since they seem to be the only site with any info about Blachut. I just find it strange...
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    OR OR - Multnomah Co, Tualatin Mtns, WhtMale 30-55, UP8584, pocket watch, old coins, clothes, May'86

    This is a new addition to DoeNetwork and sounds fairly interesting Partial skeletal remains (WM, age 30-55) were found near a logging road in 1986. He is thought to have been dead since 1920-1955. They may have committed suicide as an old...
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    KY - Harriet Hardy, 87, raped & murdered, St Matthews, 4 Aug 1980

    This event goes to show that older-than-dirt (damn-near as old as me) cases can still be solved with some kind of punishment dealt out. Given his age and health, that punishment is yet to be known at this time. I put it in this forum even though I hadn't heard of the "cold case" until it was...
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    KY - Tina Zamora, 37, shot to death, Lebanon Junction, 15 Jan 2015

    This happened in Lebanon Junction, which isn't too far from me. It's just inside the Bullitt County line from Nelson County (albeit the far western part of the county). It has been said that he was in Central State Hospital (mental) until just before this happened. His family/friends were...
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    Identified! KY - Anderson Co., Skeletal Remains, found by hunters, Nov'14 - Justin Smith

    Not much is known about this, but deer hunters found a man's wallet in western Anderson County over the weekend. Further searching turned up human bones in the area. Human remains found in Anderson County (WKYT, Lexington, KY) This is very close to me and I know the area (at least...
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    TX TX - Michelle Garvey, 14, Houston, 1 July 1982

    Michelle Garvey has a thread in the UID section (Match! TX - Houston, WhtFem UP4601, 15-20, Red Hair & Freckles, Jul'82 - *Michelle Garvey*) She was an unidentified murder victim for a long time. She had a long and twisted road to Identification. DoeNetwork (mistakenly) announced that the...
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    GUILTY KY - Lockport, Body parts in Kentucky River, Oct'14 - Goldia Massey

    Lockport is a small (tiny, tiny, tiny) town on the western side of the Kentucky River in Henry County, KY. Kentucky River Lock #2 is there, hence the town's name. The closest major town would probably be Frankfort (our state's capital). I know of it mainly because some of my "ancestors"...
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    Identified! TX - Harris Co., Human remains in burlap sack, Jul'95 - Ruth Weibel

    There was a batch of Doe's identified on DoeNetwork on 10/8/2014, including this one. I couldn't find a thread on here for her so I started one a little late.
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    NE MIDWEST - WILLIAM "Freight Train" GUATNEY, suspected serial killer of children, 1970s-1980s

    I am starting this thread because I couldn't find one for him. He's been listed as possible suspect in several missing person or unsolved murder cases on here, but doesn't have his own thread. If he does, I'm sorry about that. This guy hopped trains and traveled throughout the Midwest...
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    KY - Ray Etheridge, 12, stabbed to death in Louisville park, 30 Sept 2014

    Coroner releases ID of child who died after being found at Cherokee Park (WHAS-11, Louisville, KY) UPDATE: Murdered boy's name released; family is homeless (WAVE-3, Louisville, KY)