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    CO CO - Stephanie Ann Bauman, 15, Unsolved Homicide, her nude, posed body found lying in a ditch on CR173, Byers, just hours after her death, 28 Oct 1980

    13th November 1980 Father of girl who froze to death native of here By PAUL STEWAJtT StMlWrter The circumstances surrounding the recent freezing death of a 15-year-old girl, whose father is a former St. Joseph resident, are still under investigation by Arapahoe County law enforcement officers...
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    CA CA - Ronald William Honsberger, 47, San Juan Capistrano, December 25, 1997

    From 1968, seemed to have a bright future ahead. wonder what happened to lose most of his teeth, sad.
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    CA CA - Cora Stokes, 39-40 years old, Shasta County, 2 June 1951

    Good find alb1on! Found the newspaper article from the time she disappeared. Interesting (from Ancestry) Alonzo was 28 years her senior. 12th July 1951
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    MI Barbara Larson, 25 who was bludgeoned to death on November 1971 in her trailer home near Howard City, MI.

    June 23, 1978 part 1 975 Slaying Suspect Held A Grand Rapids man was arrested near a rural Van Buren County community Thursday on a warrant charging him with first degree murder in the 1975 slaving of a former Covert woman in Grand Rapids. ' State police at South Haven and Grand Rapids police...
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    ME ME - Franklin Eugene Marston, 32, Lewiston, 31 July 1977

    On Ancestry Franklin was known as “Skipper”, this is his fathers obit which mentions him as pre deceased as Skip Cedric W. Marston, formerly of Blake Street in Turner, Maine, died at age 87 on Thursday, September 23, 1999 at the Victoria Villa Nursing Home in Canton following a long illness...
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    WA WA - Michelle Ann Baker, 25, Spokane, 20 October 1993

    Multiple scars on her arms sounds very concerning. Her name was Saffold when she married Alex Baker in April 1993.
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    CA CA - Emily Williams, 31, Crescent City, March 5, 1957

    I agree, just a few small details in some of these old cases would help. I have a feeling that is not the same Emily as on Malcolm Leonard Find a Grave there is some information about his death (died in a boating accident trying to save victims of a boating accident) in his obit it says survived...
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    DE DE - Mabel Chambers, 30-40, Wilmington, Jan 1952

    Mabel Jones was her maiden name from Ancestry census records. I think this is her first marriage Name: May Jones Gender: Female Spouse's Name: Ray Simms Spouse Gender: Male Marriage Date: 1937 Marriage Place: Nicholas, West Virginia, United States
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    KS KS - Mary Lang, 31, Hays, 21 Oct 1983

    I agree that is the same man that was on the train track. I wonder if he was a long haul truck driver, always wonder what other crimes there could be.
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    WI WI- Carrie Ann Polega, 39, Porterfield, 14 Oct 2003

    Interestingly her husband had a marriage beforehand to a Devonna Gail Carnes in August 1984. She died (I couldn’t find a cause) in September 1997. He married Carrie 4 months later Jan 1998. Her husband Duane Floyd Polega died in 2013.
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    TX TX-Fort Worth, WhtMale, 57-70, UP93072, Skeletal remains found in master closet of residence, Aug 21

    I also agree that is likely him, born in Alabama and also known as Randall or Randy. I believe this person has a sister living in AZ.
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    IN IN - Paul Raymond Harrod, adult, may have been using false identity, Hamilton County, 27 Nov 1992

    Warning very long version Male Physical Appearance Eye Color Bro,Gnn Hair Color Blk,Bln,Whi Height NaN'NaN" Weight 000,160,170,195 Lbs Jan 15, 2022 - Charges Filed - Cocaine/Possession Charges Filed Date Jan 15, 2022 Charge Category Criminal/Traffic Offense Description Cocaine/Possession...
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    IN IN - Paul Raymond Harrod, adult, may have been using false identity, Hamilton County, 27 Nov 1992

    LG history short version Charges Filed Date Jan 15, 2022 Charges/Offenses Cocaine/Possession | Cocainepossession | Cocaine/ Possession | Battery/Aggravated | Battery/Aggravated | Tamper With Physical Evidence | Tamper/Phys Evidence | Cocaine/Possession | Cocaine/Possession | Burglary/Unoccupied...
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    CO CO - Benjamin Gray, 51, Montrose, 30 May 1978

    There are a number of newspaper articles over several years, this one seems to sum them up. He had debts and his family lost the ranch. 1993