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    TX - Moriah Wilson, Cyclist Fatally Shot Before Race, Austin, #3

    It is such a sad case that she lost control of herself and let her anger, jealousy, and rage take over. She had an impressive background of achievements to be only 35 and seemed to not only be ambitious but a good entrepreneur. What she didn’t realize is no man is worth spending your life in...
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    Found Alive TX - Holly Marie Clouse, 11 mths, Lewisville, 6 Jan 1981 (Located Jun'22)

    This case reminds me of a case in Virginia, just across the North Carolina line, many years ago. Perhaps 25 - 30 years ago when a couple was killed and their baby daughter was taken. Does anyone know what I am talking about? If this case has been solved, I don’t recall hearing about it. Is...
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    NJ - Multiple Deaths in Mansion Fire, Monmouth County, Colts Neck, 20 Nov 2018 *Arrest*

    Sounds to me like someone doesn’t want to do their work on this case! Also let’s blame the prisoner for needing unspecified time to go over every micro inch of the electronic data. At this rate, it will be years before this case ever goes to trial! The judge needs to step up and take charge.
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    AMBER ALERT TN - Summer Moon-Utah Wells, 5, Rogersville, 15 Jun 2021 #4

    Are we certain she returned from swimming? Did they check that swimming hole thoroughly right after she was declared missing?
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    AMBER ALERT TN - Summer Moon-Utah Wells, 5, Rogersville, 15 Jun 2021 #2

    As the days pass with no news on Summer, I begin to look at Candus in a different light. Is her sad, forelorn face with no smile caused by years of intimidation, threats, and fears from her husband? <modsnip> I am not defending her, however, we don’t know what goes on behind closed doors...
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    Josh Duggar charged with Receipt/Possession Child Sexual Abuse Material, 29 April 2021 #1

    It is difficult for me to believe that Josh has been playing a clean game and is innocent of further adventures since his office was raided. Do you think the raid and seizure of electronic equipment scared him into walking a “good boy” path?
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    Canada - Barry, 75, & Honey Sherman, 70, found dead, Toronto, 15 Dec 2017 #15

    My memory fails me as to how it was decided that BS died first. Will one of you remind me? TIA.
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    DC - Car rams barricade at U.S. Capitol, 1 officer dead, driver killed, 2 April 2021

    Were any weapons or bombs found in his car? How did this guy think or plan to cause terror with only the car he was driving and the knife he was carrying? He was one person and surely knew he would encounter a minimum of two guards at most posts. Is the only way to stop a suspect is...
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    NC - Julie Eberly, 47, from PA, mom of 6, fatally shot road rage I-95, Lumberton, 25 Mar 2021 arrest

    How awful! A person with this temper should never walk the streets again!
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    CO CO - Suzanne Morphew, 49, did not return from bike ride, Chaffee County, 10 May 2020 #53

    It amazes me how on different occasions when people have conducted searches, there have been reports of “suspicious” people watching them. In fact, these “suspicious” people have scared/intimidated the searchers away from the area they were searching. Who is behind conveniently having people...
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    Found Deceased MO - Ava, 2, & Kanisha Richardson, 37, suicidal, Mehlville, 11 Jan 2021

    So sad. If the mother had mentioned suicidal thoughts, what a shame someone didn’t pay attention and try to help or get the daughter away from her. Bless this family.
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    Still Missing CA - Orson & Orrin West (3&4), California City, 21 Dec 2020 #3

    This story is hard to follow. The parents have two biological sons, they are fostering two boys which the state pays them for, then they adopt Orson and Orrin which the state continues to pay them monthly for. Has this adoption been checked out that it is legal? Did each father sign his...
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    Found Deceased CA - Lucas Horan, 39, Emeryville Marina, 24 Dec 2020

    New to following this case. However, after reading all posts and links, the story sounds like a made up story! There are too many pieces of doing so many things before they set out for an evening boat ride. What kept her from being the person who pushed him over the boat into the water...
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    Found Deceased CA - Barbara Thomas, 69, from Bullhead City AZ, disappeared in Mojave desert, 12 July 2019 #13

    I am very grateful and relieved that Barbara Thomas has been found. May her family and loved ones be blessed that they can bring her home for a proper burial. The nagging thought for me is if BT was starting to feel signs of too much sun/heat when she went ahead of RT, it is doubtful she...
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    TN - RV Explosion, Nashville, 25 Dec 2020

    The more interesting question is what, if anything, did the FBI do about this tip? No wonder this explosion was solved so quickly - the FBI had been forewarned.
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    CO CO - Suzanne Morphew, 49, did not return from bike ride, Chaffee County, 10 May 2020 #44

    As I recall, the youngest daughter is still in high school. Therefore, it is not that easy for BM to just up and leave town. Perhaps he is planning on leaving this daughter with his mom in the condo he currently lives in. Who owns this condo? if I was going to leave town and was the prime...
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    CO CO - Suzanne Morphew, 49, did not return from bike ride, Chaffee County, 10 May 2020 #44

    Does a seller or realtor have to tell a prospective buyer that a possible crime took place in that house? Or even what caused the damage for the seller to be selling “as is”?
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    CO CO - Suzanne Morphew, 49, did not return from bike ride, Chaffee County, 10 May 2020 #44

    Several comments on the current pictures we see of the house. To own this expensive home, the decorating style lacks warmth and appeal that one would expect from a cozy mountain retreat. Also, who puts family pictures around the large jacuzzi tub in the master bathroom? Just my opinion...
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    CO CO - Suzanne Morphew, 49, did not return from bike ride, Chaffee County, 10 May 2020 #12

    Is this guardianship just for the purpose of selling the home in Indiana? It reads specifically for selling real estate and lists one address. This makes it feel as if BM is asking permission to the limited sale of this Indiana home which has been for sale. It does not ask for a full or...
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    PA PA - Ray Gricar, 59, Bellefonte, 15 April 2005 - #16

    What would you expect LE to say, yes? Naturally they are going to deny it. The reason for the Witness Protection Program is to Protect people, not give away that it is a known fact that he is in it. Besides, if he was placed in it, there are few people that have that knowledge.