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  1. dalsglen

    GA - Debbie Collier, 59, Athens, homicide, found dead in Habersham Co, 10 Sept 2022 #2

    this post made me chuckle. I'm scottish, lunch = noonish meal, dinner/tea = 5/6pm ish meal. 8/9pm is chocolate time. To complicate matters, for school kids lunch break is commonly referred to as dinner break. Whereas in England, in my almost 36 years, I'm still not sure, they have their...
  2. dalsglen

    PA - Yvette Marie Brady, 30 - Accused of: Factitious-Disorder-Imposed-on-Another - Lackawanna County - January 2020

    How awful. Had a look at her tiktok, seems she enjoyed the attention her child's suffering for her.
  3. dalsglen

    GA - Debbie Collier, 59, Athens, homicide, found dead in Habersham Co, 10 Sept 2022

    Do you get instant notifications from venmo when someone sends you cash?
  4. dalsglen

    GA - Debbie Collier, 59, Athens, homicide, found dead in Habersham Co, 10 Sept 2022

    New York post nonsense as usual.
  5. dalsglen

    Found Deceased NV - Rock Stanley, 75, TX resident, hiking Mount Charleston, last seen North Loop Trail, 23 August 2022

    MSM article confirming Rock was sadly found deceased.
  6. dalsglen

    VA - Johnny Cashman Jr., 38, death investigation, Lynchburg, Apr 2022

    Welcome @MysteryMisfits4Truth , thanks for bringing Johnnys case here. I have read extensively about this case before. Bungled from the very first moment, sadly his family likely won't see justice, I hope they continue to make as much noise as possible. Incompetence stinks
  7. dalsglen

    Found Safe CA - Manuela Smith, Dementia, 87, Hemet, released from Hospital in Hillcrest, 25 Aug 2022

    The Hospitals response is almost laughable if it wasn't so serious. Scripps Health also told NBC 7 in a statement: Scripps ensures all patients are safe to leave the hospital and works with them to develop a discharge plan, which includes giving them discharge instructions, follow up for...
  8. dalsglen

    UK UK - Michelle Pettie, 45, has been missing from Melrose, Scottish Borders, since 6 Sep 2022, may have been seen in Galashiels on 9 Sep

    Yup, I live in the borders, They're definitely still looking for michelle. Unfortunately the original post was full of some rather mean comments so possibly been removed.
  9. dalsglen

    CO CO - Tim Watkins, 61, shot to death, Mount Herman, 14 Sept 2017 #3

    5 years ago? Jeez! So sad that they've not yet arrested anyone for Tims murder.
  10. dalsglen

    UK UK - Paul Johnson, 74, St Andrews, Fife, last seen around 10.45pm, 15 Sep 2021

    I was home for a funeral this week, so had a good dog walk along hepburn gardens then down through the lade braes and followed on to the harbour. I can't believe he would go unnoticed on hepburn gardens, there's really nowhere to hide as such. Maybe he did a u-turn and walked rurally out...
  11. dalsglen

    Recovered/Located UK - Jordan Chambers, 25, last seen in the area of The Fairway, Leicester, during afternoon, 12 Sep 2022

    Found safe
  12. dalsglen

    CO CO - Suzanne Morphew, 49, Chaffee Co, 10 May 2020 *Case dismissed w prejudice* #104
  13. dalsglen

    Found Deceased CA - Kiely Rodni missing from Party Near Prosser Family Campground in Truckee #8

    I wonder if they were like my vans, they are mostly white but the black stands out.
  14. dalsglen

    AK AK - Steve Keel, 61, missing from hunting trip, from TN - Aug 27, 2022

    North Slope SAR and sending out their chopper.