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  1. angelainwi

    Food and Recipes while under Coronavirus quarantine #4

    I make my lasagna with bowties. I cook the bowties and cook 2 lbs of hamburger meat and then mix in pasta sauce. I layer the bowties, meat sauce, and Italian cheeses in a casserole dish and it is one of my husband's and 20 year old son's favorite meals.
  2. angelainwi

    WI WI - Laurie Depies, 20, Menasha, 19 Aug 1992

    OMG! I am so glad that this info is FINALLY coming out. This case holds a special place to me because I was a very small part of it. I worked at that mall at the time of this disappearance and I was one of the last people to see Laurie alive. I was in high school. She bought a soda from where I...
  3. angelainwi

    IL - July 4 Parade, Highland Park, At least 6 dead, 4 July 2022

    Highland Park is central time so it is 10:53 am there right now
  4. angelainwi

    IL - July 4 Parade, Highland Park, At least 6 dead, 4 July 2022

    Could the "I am the Storm" be in reference to QAnon ideology?
  5. angelainwi

    OK - 4 people killed at a medical complex, shooter is dead, Tulsa, 1 Jun 2022

    Shooter is black male, 35-40 There is a report of a bomb at his house in Muskegee (spelling?) Working to get search warrant for the home
  6. angelainwi

    NY - Twenty Fatality Limo Crash, Schoharie County, 6 Oct 2018 #2

    13,000 Pounds at 118 Miles Per Hour It was the deadliest wreck in years. And the man behind it was one of the FBI’s most notorious informants. The Infamous FBI Informant Behind a 20-Fatality Limo Crash
  7. angelainwi

    Coronavirus COVID-19 - Global Health Pandemic #107

    The ones I know there is 0% chance. They believe this is all a big Pharma conspiracy to make money and that no one wants to believe that Ivermectin really works because they make no $$ off it
  8. angelainwi

    Coronavirus COVID-19 - Global Health Pandemic #107

    Thankfully the shots help. I was first diagnosed when I lost 30 pounds over 10 years ago and in the process went up two bra cup sizes. It was so apparent that multiple people including my family accused me of having had breast augmentation. Ever since then no matter what I do weight seems to...
  9. angelainwi

    Coronavirus COVID-19 - Global Health Pandemic #107

    I take a shot EVERY day to try to keep my weight in check, I am overweight due to a weird hormonal issue that they have no cure for
  10. angelainwi

    Still Missing CO - Suzanne Morphew, 49, Chaffee Co, 10 May 2020 *arrest* #89

    Are the motions hearings still on for tomorrow and Tuesday? Do we know what time they start?
  11. angelainwi

    GUILTY WI - Bart, 50, and Krista Halderson, 53, found deceased, Windsor, 1 Jul 2021 *son arrested*

    When does that one start? I am going follow the federal trial of the 3 former police officers involved in George Floyd's death that should have opening statements on Monday
  12. angelainwi

    Coronavirus COVID-19 - Global Health Pandemic #105

    Awhile back I was part of a FB group that was anti-vaccination that was encouraging members to report fake vaccine side effects. I do not believe there is a way to know if there are false reports on there
  13. angelainwi

    Found Deceased LA - Michael Gelfand 33, left NJ for business, didn't return home, New Orleans, 6 Jan 2022 *Reward*

    Are we thinking he is a Hasidic Jew? Edited, I missed the first two words that he is Frum Appears to be somewhat similar to Hasidic Jews which I am familiar with Frum - Wikipedia