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  1. froginTtown

    Could Terri's friends do time in JAIL too... interference or accessory..??

    I would think with the batphones and (per Desire) telling each other not to talk would be an interference with an investigation... an accessory to a felony would be trying to cover for someone or something... I really wonder if these "friends" realize that they may also be taken away from...
  2. froginTtown

    Why does MSM keep editing their own articles months later?

    I keep trying to reference what I have read early on in this case,but when I do, the article has changed... This article for instance... originally written on June 5th, 2010... Edited on July 15th, 2010... No wonder why we can't keep it straight.. :waitasec: Here is an...
  3. froginTtown

    Why did Kaine and Terri avoid the media.?

    I have been bothered by this video, especially where is shows BOTH Terri and Kaine leaving the gym after Kyrons disappearance.. Why did they avoid the media...?? This video was taken before the first press conference.....
  4. froginTtown

    Is this case just an ugly domestic dispute between Terri and Kaine..??

    I feel as though I am thown between a domestic fight between Terri and Kaine..!! Terri's 16 yr old was placed into another home a couple months ago and now Kyron is missing, (hoping he is with a close friend or family).. and the acquesations (sp) goes on and on and on... This case is sickening...