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    Retrial for Sentencing of Jodi Arias - Day 40

    I just hope the media does not punish us with interviews with her. I think her day in the sun is over - over - over.
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    Retrial for Sentencing of Jodi Arias - Day 12

    QUOTE=TorisMom003;11236999]Definitely ALV since they apparently know one another. Wonder who advised defense to get this witness on board?!?! Could it be that no one from the first trial was willing to return?
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    Retrial for Sentencing of Jodi Arias - Day 10

    I don't know. She looks as if she has aged considerably since the murder trial . The soft, tight skin is gone. Her eyes are all sunken back into her head. JMO
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    Verdict Watch 05/04/ and 05/05/2013

    Please, please, please, post it. I was enthralled by your posts on the CA trial. ldh
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    The Anthony $$$ Train: Will You Fuel It?

    I would buy Dianne Fanning, Ann Rule, JA, LDB, or YM.
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    Who do you think from the SA will deliver Closing Arguments?

    [/B] I think Mr. George's strong suit might be the "written word". I did, however, like his "pile it on" direct with the friends.
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    2011.05.22 - Websleuths Radio Debut - Listen to tape online!!!

    Thanks for having it archived so quickly. My wake-up time is about 3 or 4 am so I am grateful to have it available.
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    2011.05.11 Jury Selection Day Three

    If I was a power person in Milwaukee, I would make sure this guy had better tickets than he has now and free hotel rooms for a game after the trial. Great public relations. We would want him on the morning tv shows. Of course, all contingent on his service on the jury!!
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    2011.02.04 - Status Hearing

    Who are the two ladies sitting with Cindy? Anyone know?
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    2010.11.29 Defense Initial Penalty Phase Witness List

    Has your brother's case gone to trial?
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    2011.01.06 Baez Slapped with Formal Sanction

    Right on! I want a trial not a plea deal! Dad Blame It!
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    2011.01.06 Baez Slapped with Formal Sanction

    Snipped by me. I wonder if JB had reports with dates near the dates of examination. JB has claimed he has no reports and wonders how he can go back to his witnesses and get them to forward another report with a current date. Just my sleepy suspicions and opinion only. No factual support. Oh...
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    What Got/Keeps You Involved in Caylee's Case?

    I originally became interested in this case because 31 days was a long time to wait to report a child missing and stayed for the GA, CA, JB drama. Now I am also interested in the fallout from this trial. 1. Will GA and CA divorce? 2. Will the Florida Bar investigate JB? 3. How long before...
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    2010.11.29 Hearing: RE: Defense's Experts Not Creating Reports

    Maybe Lee is submitting charges for reimbursement in hopes they will be denied; consequently, he will jump ship. Just my own thought and opinion.
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    2010.10.27 - Will JB Get the Money?

    I would be willing to bet those hundreds of searchers on Suburban Drive were there merely to look at the Anthony home on Hopespring. MOO
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    Timmy & Chelsea Croslin; and the hours before Haleigh went missing.

    I agree wholeheartedly. Ron did the deed and ORDERED the Croslin clan to clean up the loose ends while he was at werk. This is strictly my opinion. Furthermore, and my opinion only-no facts, TN helped Ron with the plan.
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    How much time will Ron get?

    Had to google that! I fear you are right.
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    How much time will Ron get?

    I agree. I hope the book is thrown at him also. I fear he will not even get a smack on the hands, just a pat on the back. That seems to be the way most of his drug incidents are handled.
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    2010.08.20 RONALD L. CUMMINGS pre trial HEARING in Putnam County @ 11:00 AM

    We need to call Jack Bauer. You know, the hero of "24".
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    2010.06.04 ~ Why won't Misty take a plea deal?

    If Ron had anything on Misty, he, TN, and GGS would have burned her at the stake already. MOO