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  1. Rumpole

    **LIST ONLY**Start From What We Know – Remains Site and beyond.

    Articles from remains site. Listed and description released. (may or may not be all inclusive) Black Plastic Garbage Bag - Colour of ties, if any, not given. "Cloth Laundry Hamper Bag" – Colour, style not given. Duct Tape – Silver . Placed across mouth. Length, at least long enough to...
  2. Rumpole

    NEW Poll on Where Caylee Died.

    With more evidence, there seems to be more possibilities for the location.
  3. Rumpole

    Where Precisely Do You Think Caylee Died?

    Several broad theories of exactly how Caylee died have emerged. In considering my ideas I realise they are at best vague. Commiting to a precise location is a way of clarifying that.
  4. Rumpole

    Anthony Home And Floor Plans

    CA and GA confessed to having moved a bush from close to the house, between house and pool to far side of pool. CA talks to Greta about this in early walkabout interview. They are standing right there. See the greta video at Grettawire its part of an item about cadaver dogs. There is a photo of...