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    MI - Matthew Lewinski kills girlfriend Jerri Winters, keeps corpse to mutilate, Clinton Twp, 2021

    Clinton Township man accused of keeping body for 7 months to receive mental exam – Macomb Daily Havent found any info about the girlfriend. It seems she was not reported missing.
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    GUILTY MI - Warren 1 million $ bond in child sex assault 1 Million dollar bond set! Yes! Thank You judge! This guy rides his bike around the area. Is a known SO, has failure to complies. He grabbed a 12 yr old...
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    Bacteria from dog feces in the air above Detroit & Cleveland I rarely see my local news. I get all I need right here on WS! But today in searching for news on a missing baby (now found Whoohoo) I also read about...
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    MI MI - Tanner Lucas, Alexander William, & Andrew Ryan Skelton, Morenci, 26 Nov 2010 #1

    Praying for these boys! ages 5,7,& 9. Father says he gave them to a woman he met online. She was supposed to return them to their mother.
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    GUILTY MI - Sexual Svengali led moms to assault own kids

    He convinced women in Idaho, New Hampshire and Florida to assault their children — assaults that were photographed or streamed over the Internet and viewed by Demink, according to Mulcahy. From The Detroit News: He promised...
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    the tiny picture next to websluthes address

    I hope this is the appropriate place, The little tiny "W" on my favorites address bar, is now this morning says"ksl(or I or1) .com in black & white.?? All i know is when I turned it on this am it was there in place of the normal "w". It took me a second to find websluthes cause i just look for...