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    TX TX - Sheila Reed, 40, & Gricelda Ramos, 28, Killeen, 3 July 2007

    I thank God everyday i'm out of that town... Prayers to these two families.. ( I use to go to that store and I remember Gricelda Ramos)
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    TX - Barry Theus, 2 mos, beaten to death, Harris County, 9 June 2007

    Don't know if someone already posted this or not but this just makes me want to SCREAM....
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    KY - Michaela Watkins, 10, britally murdered, Winchester, 11 March 2007 And yes I say ANOTHER because I have seen this happening one too many times and I am sick of it. Poor beautiful girl had no chance living w/these two disgusting horrible monsters.
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    Keith Urban enters rehab.