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    Casey to be given new name & moved to secret location. Where is Casey?

    Maybe they will triple bag her and carry her out in a laundry bag.
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    What questions are still unanswered?

    I have never seen it mentioned or addressed in any of the interviews, but I remember when Cindy brought KC back from Tony's and Lee was there he asked KC (laughing of course) if this was like the time before? That has always stuck in my mind and wondered if she had tried something similar before...
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    KY - Bill Sparkman, census worker, found dead in Clay County cemetery

    I know this might be OT but what exactly are the census takers allowed to ask you about or search in your home or property?
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    Astrology - Planetary Guide Home & Garden Tips

    Reading these posts has brought back so many memories such as sprinkling the clothes rolling them up and put in plastic and put in the fridge, learned from my mother and did it myself until perma-press came into our lives. Washing, whitening and starching curtains and husbands shirts(collars...
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    Mitigating Factor:Could Casey Have Post-Partum Psychosis?

    NO!!!! She has the 'what-about-me' disease--mememememe.
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    CA - Domestic Dispute between Chris Brown & Rihanna - cancels Grammy performance

    Unfortunately this is just a typical abuse scenario, everybody trying to sweep it under the rug, making her think maybe I did do or say something that made me deserve this. Him pleading and promising I'll never do it again, please, please forgive me, come back, I love you so much, please. She...
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    CA and GA too "Fragile" for Depo?

    I would think in no way has CA ever been labeled 'fragile'. These are all stalling techniques being used to keep from them from 'almost' having to tell the truth, which I think they may have no idea the meaning of. To me all the A's have acted, and still do, like people who are hiding something...
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    CA - Polly Klaas, 12, murdered, Petaluma, 1 Oct 1993

    I am praying that they see the evil in this man and quickly deny his appeal. This is one of the monsters that prey on our children and he should be treated as such. You are a stronger person than I to be able to even look at him without killing him. May God be with you and your family and keep...
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    2009.03.02 - Motion Hearing (Casey Tries to Halt Release of Evidence)

    JB said LE playing games with him and his client.
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    Motion for Protective Order (the Photobucket Photos)

    So they can sell them later to the highest bidder???
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    WA - Tammy Gibson for beating sex offender with bat, Puyallup, 2008

    Maybe this is what it takes to get rid of the SO's , since our court system does not seem to be taking care of it too well. It is unreal how many live around Haleigh C.
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    2009.02.27 - Lee's Deposition

    I'm sorry but if a jury hears any of this, I don't care where the trial would be, you will see twelve people with their mouths hanging open in disbelief that anyone would actually believe this [email protected]!! How did they keep a straight face through this? If it weren't for the tragedy that brought...
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    Does their RELUCTANCE to sit forthe CIVIL depositions affect your opinion of the A's?

    No, just reaffirms it. CA, GA and LA have been in it up to their eyeballs from the beginning and have used every dirty trick in the book to throw LE off or delay what will eventually prove their daughter's dirty deeds.
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    Amateur Astrology, what's ahead for the USA

    Tonight on Greta, B. Ayers will be interviewed, thought you might be interested. I think this is the first interview since B.O.'s election.
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    Forensic Astrology - Haliegh Cummings #2

    I tried to to look into schedules but apparently unless it is a passenger train the freights can run their own schedules, so no set time. But please I do not know how to research very well and have not been able to verify time myself not saying it can't be done by someone. It seems when it...
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    Forensic Astrology - Haliegh Cummings #2

    I don't think train schedules are public, are they? Homeland security changed that maybe. I read on another post about little Junior woke up to police in his trailer and I am assuming detectives, thus might be an explanation for 'the men in black' he saw that he thought took little Haileigh.
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    Forensic Astrology - Haliegh Cummings #2

    I would like to add one thing on the 'noise' factor. I have not seen it addressed, so forgive me if I missed someone addressing it. It dawned on me when I was watching an interview with one of the family members and you could not hear them because of the trains that kept coming by. I assume they...
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    Forensic Astrology - Haleigh Cummings #1

    I think on one of the interviews they said her shoes were still there, for some reason this stood out to me more than the blanket, would the shoes tell where she has been recently? If not Haleigh's, then maybe Misty's or the dad's. Maybe important for physical evidence.
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    Forensic Astrology - CAYLEE ANTHONY Reported Missing 7/15/2008: #9

    LOL-Tuba-'Set my papers free'. We have waited for this day and I know it will verify yours and the other Astros hard work of transcribing the charts for us of what the heavens have shown you. Wonder whether KC will want to cop a plea now?
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    New pictures at memorial site

    LeLe thank you and please thank your husband for the wonderful pictures. It made it so much more personal seeing all the thoughts and prayers from caring, loving people who were just as devastated as we were. I would see a picture or two on the news but this helped us see up close how many...