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    Cindy's (draft?) email to Casey--computer forensics report

    I can see where she gets over a month since she was still confused over which weekend was Father's Day. I think that is an easy mistake. I know it's not popular opinion here but there are times my weeks run into one another. One thing, I did not know she had been e-mailing Casey in an...
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    GUILTY MO - Randy Greenman, 39, & George Whitter, 36, St. Louis, 30 Aug 2007
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    GUILTY MO - Randy Greenman, 39, & George Whitter, 36, St. Louis, 30 Aug 2007

    St Louis is not an unreasonable drive from where Stacey Peterson is missing. We also have a woman who has been missing for a year from Bianco's Supper Club. It would only be 2 1/2 hours. I have to look her up. I can't remember her name right off and I haven't heard anything for a while.
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    Let's keep the Minor's names out of this as much as we are able?

    Are you serious? They actually showed her face and identified who she was on TV? How tragic for that child.
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    Cindy was going to commit Suicide?? CLOSED FOR REVIEW CHECK BACK LATER

    But is it both parts you don't buy one part? Just curious.... See, I can buy that. Just not the part about Casey.
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    Cindy was going to commit Suicide?? CLOSED FOR REVIEW CHECK BACK LATER

    What was that quote on her myspace? She probably really did contemplate suicide even early on. Obviously not to the point of trying but I refuse to believe that Casey talked her out of it. That is probably what Casey was aiming for to begin with.
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    Ron Jr.'s Fate

    Unfortunately, I do. This kid is already suffering due to losing his sister. I have not seen evidence that either of them possess the skills to provide poor Jr with what he needs to get over this.
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    Bullies in schools = Suicides

    I think this issue is a growing concern. It is so heartbreaking. My sister works with a gal whose nine year old daughter attempted suicide. You know why? She was being teased at school because of her weight. She is not even what I would call a big girl She is just a regular nine year old...
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    IL - Jason Harmon, 34, killed in fight with brother, Pekin, 21 June 2007

    I am so sorry for the pain and sorrow your sons must be going through. This is not far from where my BIL's brother died in much the same way. The only differences being that it involved his brother and the niece's ex whom they were trying to help move. Her father went over to help pack her...
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    Ron C. #5

    Is First Coast News a legit publication? I know we post the link if we reference it but do I post the title of the article? And then I pick the thread I think it goes to? If I pick the wrong one someone moves it to the right place, correct?
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    Ron C. #5

    I don't know
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    Ron C. #5

    :crazy: See - everytime I think I get a rule down somebody tells me I have broken a diff. I should not have attempted so many posts in one day. :behindbar I need one of those little books to look at and hold with one hand while I type with the other. :)
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    Pam Anderson Steak House

    All I can say is I knew it.
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    Ron C. #5

    Woa ho! Mine does. In fact I am currently on a medical disabilty. They have a department that contacts me twice a week to tell me my status and what I need to do in case my doctor is extending my absence. I had two emergency surgeries in November and another 3 weeks ago. I can find it on...
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    Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover, age 11, commits suicide

    Def the certified letter - my school even used that when communcating with me. I give them all the credit in the world.
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    Sex offender found nude, self-mutilated; bit tip of own penis off: cops

    Could any of you bend that far? :confused:
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    Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover, age 11, commits suicide

    Schools do cater to stars. Probably the only reason my daughter didn't get kicked out when she beat up the boy in the school restroom. Her brothers are 8 and 10 years older than her. Ex coaches of both of theirs. They excelled both academically and athletically. Luckily they were only...
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    Ron C. #5

    ...and get married. ...and attend the reception for the marriage. I bet he had some beer then. If he can party and celebrate he can work. Might even do him good. His company doesn't owe him. He isn't even old enough to have worked there long enough to be vested and look what they have...
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    Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover, age 11, commits suicide

    Jersey Girl - You can press sexual harassment charges. I did but luckily the school is the entity that cooperated and brought the police and I together. I think I would call someone at the district level and bring this to light. Tell them you are pursuing charges. Sexual harassment is not...