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    Recovered/Located IN - Alexis Morales (Dec'd) & son Messiah Morales (Safe)5 mo, driving home, South Bend, 12 Apr 2022

    My apologies to administration for breaking the rules about rumors. I rarely post and I just wasn’t thinking.
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    Recovered/Located IN - Alexis Morales (Dec'd) & son Messiah Morales (Safe)5 mo, driving home, South Bend, 12 Apr 2022

    I suppose anything is possible. I’m leaning toward thinking that mom was alive until the day she was found. Its just what my gut says. I just pray she didn’t suffer.
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    Recovered/Located IN - Alexis Morales (Dec'd) & son Messiah Morales (Safe)5 mo, driving home, South Bend, 12 Apr 2022

    Now that I’ve posted the above and thought about it more, I guess if someone other than the mom was caring for the baby, that person might have kept the baby. Is it dumb that I’m giving so much thought to a rumor?
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    Questions Welcome Here!

    thanks. I was hoping there was still discussion in the Located section.
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    Questions Welcome Here!

    Question - did posts about Aaliyah Ramirez from Syracuse Indiana get taken down?
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    IN IN - Prof. James Miller, 58, Goshen, 9 October 2011

    This was big news here. The trial was available to watch online and I watched when I could, but I wasn’t able to nearly as much as I wanted. Some parts were muted. I think they were talking about whatever records were sealed. I don’t really know, but I think it was discussion about him...
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    IN IN - Prof. James Miller, 58, Goshen, 9 October 2011

    This was near me, and I remember it well. It will be an interesting one to follow Suspect arrested in 2011 Goshen murder Suspect in 2011 murder appears in court Defense concerned about access to Professor Miller murder case
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    HI - Finley Boyle, 3, Dies After Root Canals, Honolulu, 2014

    I just typed a long response and it went *poof* and disappeared! Argh. Since 1990, I have been a Pediatric Dental Assistant in a practice with ONLY Board Certified Pediatric Specialists, and clearly this child should have survived a very common and not difficult procedure. What the article...
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    Dannielyn Birkhead at 5!

    Strawberry Fields, thank you for bringing up that beautiful girl's eyes. It's awesome you got your Strabismus corrected, as did my daughter, who had Alternating Strabismus corrected at Riley Children's hospital when she was 18 months old. She's nearly seventeen now. Knowing what I do about...
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    my etsy shop

    Don't pay for a class, I learned everything from simple stringing and dangles to bead weaving, flamework and glass fusing right here on the Internet. Here's a good tutorial for charms and dangles... I used to buy a lot of my...
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    my etsy shop

    You are on the right track, but with 23,998 other beaded hoop earrings on Etsy, its terribly competitive. I think you might benefit from a little better photography, to catch the eye and make your things stand out from the crowd. I make jewelry too, isn't it fun?
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    Gang Hoodies Made Specifically For Robberies

    Hot Topic at my mall has been selling hoodies that zip all the way up like that for at least a year, but I've never seen them with that bandana graphic. Pretty disturbing. A skeleton face is the only graphic I've seen, except for whatever pattern covers the whole jacket, like stripes or...
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    A Tattoo that Lifts and Supports

    the site where that come from, Bodytwo, follows up with the fact that the tattoo with the implanted whoo-haaas became infected, and they had to be removed. evidently, implants are becoming popular, but not always in combination with tattoos.
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    Britney spears had a ......

    wow, I grew up with a friend named Sutton, and I've never heard of it anywhere else, except as a last name. I imagine I would think it were weird if I'd never heard it, but due to my childhood friend, I love the name.
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    PA - Mom jailed for son's rotten teeth

    I'm a pediatriac dental assistant, and I wish I could say this case is unusual, but it's not. We treat kids in the office and in the O.R. that are just as bad all the time. Medicaid picks up the tab in most cases, occasionally insurance, but around 90% have Medicaid. What's different...
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    Child gets stuck in "The Claw" vending machine

    Did anyone else see them on the Today show this morning? They were out in the plaza with one of those claw machines, Matt, Katie, the little boy, his pregnant mom and a silent man I assume was the dad. The mom said the boy got angry at not winning and threw his sippy cup. It was during...
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    Child gets stuck in "The Claw" vending machine

    This is near where I live, so it was big news here. What I find weird was that it was like 3:30 in the morning. I understand that kids sometimes don't sleep, but I would stick to low-key stuff in an attempt to make him sleepy. Music, books, movies that he's seen a hundred times. It would...
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    OMG, look at the name this kid got stuck with!

    Whaaaa? Is that supposed to be a clever way to spell "Your Highness", or what? As a pedo dental assistant, I've seen plenty of weird names, and it's always interesting to hear someone new try to pronounce some of them. Someone is bound to call her "your heinys" or "ur-hines" and the mom...
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    Outraged Dad says school duct-taped son's baggy pants

    That school is where my kids will go to middle school, when they are old enough. USA Today failed to mention that the dad took the son (after the incident) to a school board meeting wearing the exact same clothes. Evidently, he had the boy raise his arms and bend over and such, showing the...
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    Cases That Haunt You

    Wow Shellbee and Emma, your links make me wonder even more if it happens more frequently than city dwellers might realize. Pretty scary. My husband, having grown up in the country, thinks that rural law enforcement probably isn't smart enough to think of hog farms when people come up...