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    The state wants to kill AL's client. Really?

    AL is creating a huppla over the fact that this case is DP eligible. Which doesn't mean that if convicted, that her cliet WILL get the DP. Just that it's a possible choice for punishment if convicted. Yet stisticaly, it's a very rare possibility that KC would get DP. And if she got it...
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    NOTICE OF UNAVAILABILITY filed 8/14/09 in the KC murder case. What does that mean? How do we get a copy of it, etc.
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    State Wants Evidence From Casey's Defense Team

    Here is a link to the motion
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    School Sends Girl With Anti-Islam Shirt Home The girl states that she figured she would get sent home because of the shirt.. so it's not like she didn't know there was a problem with the shirt. My county went to uniforms. I'm soooo glad. The whole k-12 wears uniforms. This is the...
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    2009.08.07 Document Release

    Orlando Sentinel Cool, they will all ready be in digital format.