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  1. strawberry

    Baez no longer represents Casey--it's finally legal

    Steve Helling @stevehelling It's official: #JoseBaez has filed a withdrawal of counsel. He no longer represents #CaseyAnthony.
  2. strawberry

    Let's Hear it for George!

    A couple of days ago one of the talking heads said it was pretty clear the only people in the courtroom there for Caylee were the three prosecutors. Well, the defense has rested and I think it is safe to say that George was there for Caylee. His grief, anguish, and love were palpable. JA got...
  3. strawberry

    Support Thread: Gerus and Bones (K9's)

    As I was leaving work today, I walked by a Sheriff Deputy walking his Drug/Weapon dog. He was off duty, just sniffing around as doing his business before they went home. Then I drove by a woman walking her pet German Shepherd. They are such beautiful dogs! I decided it was a sign and was...
  4. strawberry

    Father Storms Bus, Confronts Disabled Daughter's Bullies

    SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. -- A father trying to protect his disabled daughter from her alleged bullies was arrested after he boarded a school bus and threatened students during a profanity-laced tirade.
  5. strawberry

    George and Cindy Anthony have new lawyers

    From the news thread:,1022165.story <snipped> George and Cindy Anthony have a new pair of lawyers representing them in their daughter's case, according to court documents filed late today. Orlando attorneys Mark Lippman and Jennifer Craddock...
  6. strawberry

    Search for Baby Gabriel now a murder investigation

    Just saw this on FB: