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  1. Jules71

    Found Safe WA - Bayley James, 11, Bremerton, 23 June 2017

    KCSO needs help finding missing 11 year old BAYLEY CHRISTINE JAMES. BAYLEY was last seen at noon on Thursday in the area of Wheaton Way and Riddell Rd in East Bremerton. She is a white female, 5'02", 105 pounds with brown eyes and purple dyed hair. She was last seen wearing a black shirt, blue...
  2. Jules71

    Hotel worker sees Josh & boys day Susan reported missing

    "Among the new information detectives have received lately: A hotel worker in Sandy, Utah, 17 miles south of Salt Lake City, told them Josh Powell and the boys showed up for a continental breakfast the day Susan Powell was reported missing." Snipped "Charlie looked right up at me and he...
  3. Jules71

    "Mommy was in the trunk" - what the boys said and when Attorney Steve Downing told the Associated Press that Braden and Charles Powell, who were 2 and 4 at the time of Susan Powell's disappearance, were beginning to tell their grandparents...
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    Capitol Forest Search 11/05/11 Does anyone know anything about this search?
  5. Jules71

    Brush cleared in search for McCleary girl - Aug 2010
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    Do you shop at either of these Fred Meyer stores?**ATTENTION LOCALS**

    Do you shop at either one of these Fred Meyer stores? 22075 Northwest Imbrie Drive in Hillsboro (around 9 a.m.) 15995 SW Walker Road in Beaverton (at approx. 10 a.m.) I wrote this in another post, but thought it was worth bringing here: Perhaps you could check your bank records or receipts...
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    Spicher was gone 3+ hours on day Kyron vanished Thanks Nurseratchett!
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    Friends Lindsey was with prior to disappearance

    BBM. I would be interested in finding out more about this. Does anyone have a link to the video? Surely LE talked with her about what made her uncomfortable, right?
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    The White Truck Seen by Jim K

    A white truck driven by a lady was seen by Jim Kelley and his neighbor Fri at 3 pm and Sat at 2 am near his home off of Cornelius Pass. "We had two odd sightings of a vehicle on our road Friday," Kelley said. Around 3 p.m., he and a neighbor reported seeing a white pick-up truck with a female...
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    House across the street from Horman's searched

    Bringing this over from the general thread and re-attaching picture. **CORRECTION** Onwers initials are DJ, not DG.