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    GUILTY CO - Kevin & Theresa Carothers for child sexual abuse, Denver, 2012 DENVER - A stepfather is in custody and a mom is on the loose after accusations arose of them sexually assaulting their daughter for years. According to an arrest affidavit, the alleged assaults started...
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    GUILTY CO - Torrey Brown, 7 mos, Commerce City, 27 March 2012 COMMERCE CITY ? Police were investigating a report of a missing child with suspicious circumstances on Thursday.--- Police are not releasing a description of the child:waitasec:
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    PA - 7 yr old boy forced to wear diaper, locked in coffin

    PITTSBURGH (Reuters) - Police were searching on Tuesday for a couple accused of punishing their 7-year-old son by forcing him to wear a diaper and locking him in a coffin in the basement of their Pennsylvania home.
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    CO - 1,000+ acre wildfire burning near Franktown

    Still yet another fire in Colorado....we are SOOOO dry right now....we are 43" below average for this time of year :maddening: This fire is currently burning, 10,000 have been notified to evacuate. VERY dramatic footage...
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    OR-Showering home invader calls 911 on homeowner

    Bizarre, but true: -snip- PORTLAND, Ore. — When a homeowner returned to find a strange man inside his house, he understandably called 911 — and so did the intruder.
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    GUILTY CO - Amara Wells, 39, & Bob Rafferty, 49, die in contract killing, 23 Feb 2011 DOUGLAS COUNTY - Deputies say two adults were found dead in a home Wednesday morning after authorities responded to a welfare check.
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    CO-Sanitation workers find small boy nearly naked in snow CONIFER -They've seen a lot, but this was definitely out of the ordinary. Two sanitation workers found a naked toddler on the side of the road last week while they were on their route.
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    Valentine's Day Baskets 2011

    I am selling these baskets for $25 each, plus $10 s/h. I only ship US/Canada. Basket includes: 1-8oz. Chocolate Covered Strawberry Jam 1-4oz. Jalapeno Jelly 1-4oz. Apple Butter 1-Stuffed Bear...
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    This is close to home...

    This fire is directly west of us...burning up into Estes Park area...we have friends in it's path. They're okay for now, packed up and ready to go...please keep them in your thoughts.
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    Time zone?

    I know this is just a little issue, but the times posted when someone posts in a forum are one hour ahead of me. I have selected Mountain Time, which is the correct time zone for me, but the times showing seem to be Central Time. They used to show my time....:waitasec:
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    CO CO - Bruce Harrell, 21, Denver, 11 January 2006

    Denver Police Not Giving Up on Cold Case Murder
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    Identified! CO - Gunnison Co., Human remains in remote area, Sep'09 - Sheri Espinoza LE doesn't know yet if the remains are male or female, how long they've been there, age of person, or anything yet.